Who’s Wearing Wicks?

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Devin Wittig

- 1st: 2013 Heart of Gold Triathlon
- 1st: 2013 Saint Joseph Island Triathlon
- 2nd: 2013 Multisport Belwood Triathlon
- 14th: 2013 U23 Duathlon World Championships
- 1st: 2013/2012 Espanola Duathlon
- 3rd: 2013 Sudbury Rocks Half Marathon
- 1st: 2012 20-24 Sprint Triathlon National Championships

Favorite Post Race Beverage: My favourite post race beverage is a fruit smoothie with protein powder either self made or sought out around town.

Things in life I suck at: Anything artsy which is why I am in triathlon.

Why you like the socks in competition: I like the socks in competition as they keep my feet from getting too hot which allows me to focus on running. Furthermore they stay in place on my foot without being too tight and allow me to focus on my race.

Photo Gallery:

Favorite Swiftwick Sock: The ASPIRE line

Devin Wittig