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I love the Valor sock when running! No sweat build up and my leg didn't slip once during my four gold medal races. I was able to focus on winning instead of slipping.
Andrew Kittrell
The amputee socks worked great for my first sprint triathlon. They eliminated all my sweat build up. I'm definitely impressed!
Nick Foley
So far all the socks I have tested have performed better than I expected. I am able to train longer and harder than in the past. The amount of sweat the sock wicks away is amazing!
Daryl Farler
My stump has a very unique shape from my motorcycle accident. I’ve found the Valor sock to be the most comfortable liner sock I have ever worn.
Nathan Sloan
I have been wearing them every day. I run in them and the difference is night and day. I am blown away by how awesome these socks work!
Joseph Miller