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I'm a 24 year old college student who lives outside Cleveland,OH I'm an avid bike cyclist and before every great bicycle ride i embark on i make sure im wearing my Swiftwick socks. They are amazing when it comes to comfort and style. Best socks hands downs. I recommend them to everyone!
Kory Piorkowski
I love Swiftwick. They are durable, yet breathe exceptionally well. Not too thick and not too thin. These guys know what they are doing. I eat sleep and breathe mountain biking, cant get enough of it, and when I am not riding I am playing disc golf with my friends. The socks work great for disc golf with the rugged train, and demanding footing you can't settle for anything less.
Charles Robinson

To think 5 years ago I had a beer with a guy at the Vegas Crit in a parking lot and now every sock I own is a Swiftwick....you ruined me for life, go figure. Sponsored by Nationwide this year and for our charity we are supporting PanCan.org; the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in honor of my father. Looking forward to placing a team order of Seven's or Four's in all black with Purple to promote Pancreatic Cancer awareness and research.
Jay Robinson
The Swiftwick van came by our (Pasadena Triathlon Club) brick workout last night. I tried out some anklet socks. They rocked! Having nice dry feet during the cycling and running seemed to give me a little boost of energy that I didn't have before, I think because my feet weren't suffering. Also, my running shoes were still dry inside when I took them off after the run (Usually they are soaked and it takes all night for them to dry). Your socks Rock!
Janet Jarvits
I bought a pair of Swiftwick socks at my local cycling store. At first, I liked them for the low cut and they felt really soft. After my first ride, I was sold! Only problem…I snatched up the very last pair of the low cut in my size. So, I was left to wash my one pair over and over again for my long weekend rides. Fortunately, the Swiftwick van came to the rescue and delivered two pair in my size! I can’t wait to try the Twelve's (might have to order those online), and I am going to start bugging my local shops to carry more Swiftwick socks! As for my usage...I have used my socks mostly for my long bike rides. I recently did the Giro d'Italia Gran Fondo in Pasadena, a hilly ride up Angles Crest Highway. The temperatures were hot! Easily over 90 degrees and over 100 in some parts, and my feet were fine. My test for a good product is that I shouldn't think about that body part, and I never even thought about my feet! PASS!!! I can't wait to try them on a Half Ironman.
Kristen Shadburn
I happened to be at the OR show in Salt Lake City this weekend and ran into these "sock people". I have played Division One athletics and am an extremely active person altogether. I have worn many sock brands over the years. I have NEVER worn a pair of socks that I have enjoyed more. I wore the Vibe Two's mountain bike riding and couldn't believe the comfort and breathability -- often, after I finish a ride and take my shoes off, my feet are very sweaty and my socks are fairly damp -- not so with these sweet socks. My feet felt great, were not all wet and they felt very happy. I am sold and will buy Swiftwick from now on. You should, too!
Anne Gardner
All I can say is, your socks are better than anything I have ever used. I rode 40 mile rides competitor socks and they would get holes in them and tear apart, but I went to ride 100 miles in Swiftwick Four's, and they fit perfectly and worked perfectly. They wicked moisture so well that after 100 miles in 93 degree heat they weren't even wet! I believe that if I had used other socks, my feet would have not survived the ride. Thank you!
Grant Espada

I was racing the Huck-A-Buck Mountain Bike race in Raleigh, NC and it was in the 80's with 85% humidity. After a little more than an hour and half of racing the 3 laps/21 miles my feet felt fine while wearing the Performance Four socks. I ended up placing 3rd in the Single Speed category. I never ride without my Swiftwick socks or go to the gym without them either. Thanks for making a great product here in the USA.
Jeremy Morgan
Working for a local bike shop I get the opportunity to try many different brands of socks and often get freebies, but Swiftwick is the only brand of sock I purchase. I was originally given a sample at Interbike but then quickly came home and ditched the rest of my socks and replaced them with Swiftwick. For hot Texas summers I love the Aspire 4 as it gives a great feel, maximum comfort and the height is just right. For our few cool days the Pursuit gives just an added bit of thickness without being bulky like many other competitors "winter" socks. I appreciate the wool for the warmth and the wicking capabilities. Finally post ride I love slipping on my 12s for a little bit of recovery. I never thought socks would make a huge difference but after wearing yours I know that they do. Keep up the great work.
Tim Stansbury
Thanks for making great socks. I have the Aspire zeros and twelve's. Both are excellent. I am a road cyclist and love the zeros for everyday wear while riding during the warm months. These socks make it feel as if you aren’t wearing any because they stay in place. I no longer get hot spots on my feet during long rides. I got the twelve's to wear at work because I wear boots all day(at least 12 hours) and was not happy with any of the other socks that I tried. All of the other socks that I tried would bunch and move inside my boots, becoming uncomfortable. They would also slip down over time. I have experienced quite the opposite with the Swiftwick Aspire twelve's. They stay dry all day, even in the heat and they don’t move or slip down my calf. They are by far the most comfortable sock that I have ever worn for 16 hours! It’s amazing how big a difference such a small thing can make. My feet don’t ache at the end of every work day.
Matthew Randolph
At this year's Dirty Kanza, (a 200 mile gravel road bike race), I was wearing Swiftwick socks and arm warmers. While the arm warmers were only needed for the first leg of the race, I rode the entire 200 miles with ZERO blisters. Thanks very much for a great product. I picked up the arm warmers at the Land Between the Lakes 24 hour adventure race earlier this year, and I absolutely love them. I've never owned a pair of arm warmers that wick sweat and do so well at keeping my arms warm.
Bob Jenkins
First encounter with Swiftwick reps was at DSG 2010. Had foot cramping problems first lap. The rep put me in a pair of Olefin socks that have held up to this day. The rep was nice and quickly got me exactly what I needed to get back in the race I have about 6 pair total now. All I ride in is Swiftwick.
Carter Chapell
Purchased my first pair of Swiftwick Aspire Fours on a whim and I really don't see myself purchasing another brand EVER again. My feet love 'em. Can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm looking forward to colder weather so I can try the Pursuit Four wool socks for those cold night rides on the mountain bike.
KC Walker
Date of Posting: 18 June 2012
Heard about Swiftwick from DK 200 race. Members of the group I ride with got them first and raved about them. I bought some for the upcoming DK race and also decided to make them part of my race gear. Goodbye team socks and hello Swiftwick socks.
Tim Greene
I have been working with a group of riders to start a local team together with chiropractor (Tri-star Medical) our main sponsor, Eltiste Company General Contractor and Baja Fresh Mexican restaurant. I am trying to put together a team of 10 riders for group criterium racing. Also we will be volunteering at some of our local races. All in this time with everyone I have talked to your name (Swiftwick) has come up few times for superior foot wear and especially your arm warmers. So I picked up a few pairs at rock n road (my local bike shop). I would have to say for the obvious reasons of being so comfortable and the quality of the elasticity of the socks. I don’t get hot spots or irritation areas on my feet which are a great help from my old socks. I would say the best part of these socks are when I am on a fast hike-a-bike in a race or a training ride the socks don’t bunch up at the heal ( the sock guys socks bunch up but not yours). If anything was going to sell me on this it was that alone.
Ryan Eltiste
In the past, in cycling, I've frequently had trouble with hotspots and numbness, but swiftwick compression socks (aspire 4) seem to have largely cured these troubles, which allows me to focus on the hurt in my legs, rather than my feet. I appreciate the no-nonsense aesthetics of swiftwick socks and the low-key company symbol. Thanks for producing a quality and affordable product. Your efforts are appreciated.
Nicholas Lemke
As a competitive mountain biker in Aspen, Colorado, we experience a lot of different weather changes...often the same day. I have been using Swiftwicks ever since the first came out, when I was still living in Nashville! They seem to last forever!! Not only do I use them for cycling, they have so much support, I use them at my job as a personal trainer. My feet stay dry all day, and it almost feels like a massage when I'm wearing them! When I'm not racing or working, we do recreational rides...like 80 miles in one day from Aspen to Crested Butte, and back. I'll take ONE extra pair, as there are 4 or 5 water crossings to go through. With Swiftwick, I can change socks, pin the wet pair to my back pack, and they're almost completely dry by the time I need them again! Even when not completely dry, they wick moisture away so well that you can't really tell their wet! I'm really impressed with their resilience! They're tough, comfortable, and do what they're supposed to do! I prefer the Zero's in the summer, and the 12's for colder mornings and skiing/snowboarding with PLENTY of compression. I'm always recommending them! Try them for yourself!
Michael Cook
Amazing socks! I have never had a sock that felt like it disappeared while I rode. Plain and simple just an awesome sock! Loving the choice of cuff lengths. I think I will rock the shorter on runs and the tallest in the later months. Again, Awesome!!!
James Clarkson

I experience terrible blisters on my long runs. I'd tried many different socks and have really struggled. On the recommendation of my local running store I tried a pair of Vibe socks. It was love at first run!
Stacey Berube
I received my first pair of Swiftwick socks at the Dirt Sweat and Gears bike race, I think in 08. They were a wool pair, charcoal. I wore the socks biking and every day. 2 years ago I managed to rip the uppers on an especially nasty bike crash. If they had been any other socks, I would have tossed them out. But these were my Swiftwicks, so I sewed the ankle back, and have worn them ever since without any problems. Of my 5 or 6 pairs of Swiftwicks, my DSG socks are my favorite, and show no signs of wearing out soon! Thanks for making such a great product!
Chandler Perdue
When it comes to my Swiftwicks, I don't wear them JUST in competition! I'm relaxing right now and I have my black Aspire Twelves on to help with recovery. Comfort is everything to me as someone who spends hours on my bike every day training and racing. So if I am not comfortable after or during a ride, it messes up my ride that day as well as the next day as I may not be recovering as well as I would like. I wear Aspire Sevens on every ride, and on top of the style watts I get for such a high cuff, I get a real benefit of never having to think about them not fitting properly. My feet always feel like they are on air immediately after putting them on. It's the feeling of putting on brand new socks every day of the week! The cuff never slacks, so once the socks go on, I never have to think about them until the sad time when I need to take them off to shower. But I usually don't get too sad and down because my Twelves are ready to go on as soon as I'm dried off!
Bryan Larsen
Biking Victories: 2008 Junior National Pursuit Champion, 2x West Coast Collegiate Criterium Champion, 5x California State Champion
My testimony is very simple, but has changed a how I view socks completely. After several years racing with different sock brands, I finally found the only brand that provides me the best support and comfort with zero cramps- Swiftwick. I've tried several brands before and this one is the only brand that lives up to what I believe to be socks worth every penny. I can use Swiftwick in long race and finish with no cramps. I am Happy to have found a company where I continue to purchase my compress products going forward. Say, "No." to cramps with swiftwick!!! Thank you!
Hans Halaixt
I, Jonathan Womack, started racing at the young age of nine. I first discovered Swiftwick at Dirt Sweat & Gears in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Ever since 2009, I have had no other brand of socks on my feet but Swiftwicks. As I race, my socks are comfortable, & keep my feet cool and dry. The last race I participated in was Chickasaw Trace in Colombia, Tennessee. I was in the Junior 14 and under class, and I came in first thanks to my Aspire Twelve Swiftwick socks.
Jonathan Womak
I am the finance chair of the 2012 Texas 4000 LIVESTRONG Ride Team. We are biking from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK to raise money to fight cancer. Because the organization is a 501(c)3 and all the riders are UT-Austin students, we are always looking for the best combination of great value and superior quality. An Ironman recommended Swiftwick and I've never looked back. It would be awesome for the team if we could get a free kit.
Jeff Zhao
It is always awesome to find a flawless product. When I put on my gear and get ready for a long day in the saddle, my socks are one of the very few things I have to worry about. I don't get any hot spots, or blisters and they keep my feet cool. I also love their longevity. I have had my eldest pair for almost 4 years now, and they are still as good as the day I bought them. I can't believe that they don't lose their elasticity over time. If I could afford to, I would throw away every other pair of socks I own and only wear Swiftwicks. Great job on a great product.
Patrick Gillespie
My bike racing team picked up a sponsorship from this company and I don't want to purchase any other sock. I thought the compression sock would be annoying to take on and off, etc. But who wants to take these off?! They feel great, they don't bunch, or fall down my leg. They keep my feet dry in some hot weather racing. I love them.
Andria Flores
53 years of ULTRA active lifestyle makes me depend on the platform my feet provide. Socks are the most important piece of equipment, as far as comfort goes. Swiftwick is the by far the most comfortable, ALL DAY sock on the market for all conditions and all sports.
Kelly McGinnis
Expected just another sock that would be too big and generic... but these are spectacular! They fit great, and make my feet feel terrific. When I tried them on for the first time, I had to go get a cup of coffee so that I could just sit and enjoy the socks for a half hour. I still haven't worn them for sports since I keep wearing them with my icky work shoes - these socks make those painful shoes bearable.
Kathleen Tokuda
I have had Achilles tendonitis. Wearing the compression socks helps to keep the problem under control. I just discovered the benefits of compression for Achilles tendonitis. Do you have industry discounts? I wish we were a distributor for Swiftwick.
Scott Van Maldegiam
I've been wearing Swiftwick socks for all my athletic endeavors exclusively since 2008. In 2011 I wore the Pursuit Fours for an endurance mountain biking series (100 + miles) and a trail running series in the Rockies. Also, I rocked the Performance Ones for triathlons ranging from a Sprint to an Ironman. The weather for the Ironman was an unexpectedly cold and rainy, luckily I had packed my Swiftwick arm warmers and they saved me. I've never had a blister, hot spot, or soggy foot while wearing any lines of Swiftwick socks, and thus I'm a Swiftwicker for life.
Lucas McCain
I started cycling for recreation four years ago as a way to get in shape and also spend time with my wife outdoors. Since then I have lost 50 pounds and am beginning my third season of racing. As all cyclist know, the next step after getting a bike is getting shoes and clip-less pedals. I had bought my bike from my local bike shop, Biker's Choice, so naturally I went there to buy the shoes. Since I also needed socks, I picked up a pair of Swiftwick Zeros. Being new to cycling at that time, I didn't know much about the difference in sock brands. However, I knew that the Zero's were very comfortable to ride in and held up really well. I picked up a couple more pairs of Zero's and so did my wife. When it came time to purchase some winter riding clothing, I picked up a pair of Swiftwick Twelve's. Again, I loved these socks and after four years of winter riding and racing, the Twelve's are still going strong. Knowing the quality and comfort of the Zero's and Twelve's, it was an easy decision to get a few pairs of Five's when I wanted to start wearing a taller sock that would provide some more compression capabilities over the Zero's. I've done several races with the Five's, and they are now my sock of choice on both the road and on the mountain bike. I can say that Swiftwicks are the only sock I'll wear when on the bike.
Josh Lewis
My 10 year old daughter has Sensory Processing Disorder and has great difficulties with socks that have seams, are too big and bulky, and bunch up in the toe box. It was always a struggle finding her socks that didn't drive her crazy. Then we tried the Aspire line by Swiftwick and now she couldn't be happier. Thank you for making her life easier and much more enjoyable. She is now happy exercising and being active.
Bob DeVisscher
I have a pair of Swiftwick pursuit 4 that I wear during my mountain bike ride weekly. I blast through creek beds getting feet, ankles and legs wet. These socks continue to dry my feet and are great on the downhill by providing a good cushion.
Allyn Jones
My pair of low-cut Aspires have been comfortable for uncountable runs and days of work, but I put them to the test on a 70 mile bike ride. I had no blisters or irritation. After the ride, I ended up having to walk nearly a mile in my sock feet. I thought they'd be done for! But, no holes or really noticeable wear. I am impressed with your product and am glad to be bringing them into VA Runner!
Christy Falcone
I am on a team of college students riding our bikes from Austin Texas to Anchorage Alaska raising money for cancer research! My teammate Leah first introduced me to the incredible compression-y and fully wonderful experience that happens when you wear Swiftwick socks. Then I pushed to get them on our next gear order. I love Swiftwick socks!
Taylor Foreman
I was first introduced to Swiftwick socks while attending a trade show, I had spent four 18 hour days on my feet and by the end my “dogs were barking”. That was when I was handed a pair of the Aspire 12 compression socks, on the final day of the show I used the socks and the difference was amazing! I felt fresh and able to concentrate on my job and not my feet. These socks truly work and they are always in my suitcase for trade shows and on my feet for the overseas trips. Thanks Swiftwick!
Henry Horrocks
As an aggressive mountain biker my feet take a lot of abuse. Whether it be numbness and fatigue after climbing thousands of feet or just aching after pounding through rock gardens, any 'love' that my feet can get from equipment is appreciated. At the same time, it's important that moisture and heat don't get trapped against my feet during the hot summer months because that leads to even more problems. With the Swiftwick socks I have found a product that leaves my feet comfortable and relieved through the hardest rides and immediately after. They have instantly become my equipment of choice when I climb into the saddle. Thank you Swiftwick!
Jeff Pasquino-Greco
If I had to choose one and only one article of clothing to wear, it would be my Swiftwick socks.
Amy Moore
Just got back from my first ride with my new Swiftwick socks. I've heard so many great things about them, I had to pick up a pair. I must say, I wasn't disappointed. They are some of the most comfortable socks I have ever tried. I will certainly be looking for more in the near future.
Aaron Kennedy
I absolutely fell in love with Swiftwick the first time I tried them. They are so comfortable, form-fitting, and there's a sock for all weather types. The high socks are my favorite and I just got another pair for Christmas. Can't get enough!!!!
Erin Silliman
OK... I haven't tested them out shredding the single track yet. All I know is that a friend of mine always thinks socks are the greatest gift you can give. This year he gave a pair of Sevens to a buddy of ours and a pair to me. This was our Christmas gift. I digress here...but...the three of us mountain bike on single track almost daily. Back to the story...that night, my wife and I had the other recipient of Sevens and his wife over for Christmas Eve. I put mine on earlier that day. I do not typically wear socks in the house...but I slipped my feet into a little slice of compression fitting merino wool heaven! I happened to look down at my buddy's foot later that evening and he was wearing the same socks. We commenced to discussing the fact that these were hands down the most comfortable socks that ever graced our feet. We both said that we will own more than one pair! Most importantly, I don't like wearing socks in the house because my feet feel sweaty within an hour. Amazingly, I wore your socks for 8 hours and my feet were the perfect temperature! I cannot wait for the temperatures in NC to get just a wee bit cooler so I can test them out on the trails. Thank you Swiftwick. You just made at least two new customers!
Greg Smith
If I had to choose one and only one article of clothing to wear, it would be my Swiftwick socks.
Gunner Shogren
I bike ride around a hundred miles each day, wearing the Swifwicks Performance One socks, feels good and looks great...! Looking forward to wearing Swifwicks Performance arm-warmers..!
Jon Jackson
I normally wear the cheapest cycling/wicking socks I can find for all my athletic activities. But the other day, I had a gift card to spend at my LBS so I decided to try out a nice pair of Swiftwick socks to see if there was a difference. And there certainly was!! Much better support and wicking and an all-over better fit and feel than my run-of-the-mill athletic socks I had been using. I'm now in the process of replacing all my athletic socks with Swiftwicks!
Donald Bergman
These are great - for walking, running, biking, a day at the office. I'm so happy to have found a pair of wool socks that doesn't slide around, is warm but not bulky and that is comfortable for an entire day! Perhaps the best part is that they're made in Nashville, so I can get some for my family and brag that it's a local gift. Thanks for being awesome!
Jamie Wenke
Wanted a pair of Mellow Johnny's socks for cycling and was jazzed by the great performance of the Swiftwick cycling sock experience. Not only are they extremely comfortable -it's like they are not even there! Their performance in wicking away moisture is fantastic! Never want to go back to other brands.
Jeff Porter
I work at a shop called Revolution Cycles in Greensboro, NC. We semi-recently picked up Swiftwick as a vendor. I've been using your socks for several years now and have to say that I like them. A lot. A really whole lot. Like, as much I like Campy Record and custom lugged steel frames and San Marco Regal saddles and shallow drop handlebars. In fact, they are pretty much the only socks I wear. Even when I'm not working at the shop and I have to wear grown-up type clothes, I'll wear Swiftwick pursuits and pretend they are dress socks.
Brian Bilich
I own four pairs Swiftwick olefin fours and 1 pair of wool sevens. I look for an excuse to wear the wool sevens whenever possible. They are by far the best pair of socks I have ever owned. I go out of my way to endorse your product whenever someone mentions needing new socks.
Ellis Caldwell
Hands down the best socks I have ever owned. I have gone through quite a few pairs of Pearl Izumi and Dekine socks with mediocre results. I was recommended a pair of PERFORMANCE FOURs and now they are all I wear. They made my cycling shoes feel amazing. Keep up the good work!
Kyle Shore
Mountain Flyer Magazine said, and I quote, "Best socks ever." I was like, whaaa? Ok, if Mountain Flyer says they are the best, then I should try a pair. Well, what do you know, I'll be damned, they are the best sock ever! Keep up the good work.
Kevin League
First of all your socks rock my feet off! These are by far the BEST socks I have ever ridden with. I love to ride long miles so my feet being comfortable is a must. If only you made socks for my rear end. :) Anyway, two years ago I was the Dirty Kanza and they were throwing out free stuff. I happened to snag a pair and thought hmm they feel and look nice. So I know I was taking a chance on riding such a long race with something that I had never tested. But WOW...to my beautiful surprise I have now fallen in love with these socks. I suggest them to everyone that I ride with.
Ryan Anzalone