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"As a team we have made these socks mandatory. It's an issue of keeping our players as safe as possible while they're on the ice. The players love the feel of the Swiftwick socks and we look forward to continuing to use them in the future"
Adam Sheehan
                Head Equipment Manager
                Penn State
"We could not be happier with the Swiftwick cut resistant hockey socks. The performance, comfort and customer service experience are unmatched. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a performance hockey sock, the fact that it cut resistant is a bonus."
Josh Penn
                Ice Hockey Equipment Manager
                University of Massachusetts
"I just recently started using Swiftwick socks and I must say they are extremely comfortable and wick moisture away from your feet very well! I definitely prefer the Vibe and Aspire ankle socks! This season it will be mandatory for all of our players to wear the Swiftwick cut resistant hockey socks. Not only are they a fantastic price, they will prevent any serious injuries to the top of the foot and Achilles area! So overall if you are looking for a comfortable, affordable, and lasting feet socks...I wouldn't go any where else except Swiftwick!"
John Sellars
                Head Equipment Manager
                Florida Everblades
"Swiftwicks Cut resistant socks have become the most used sock in our room and players have made the transition from their old socks to Swiftwick seamlessly. We have had nothing but positive feedback in our room."
Ian Cox
                Head Equipment Manager
                Saint Johns IceCaps
"We haven't had any "cuttable" instances, but we gave a pair to all or our players and they all find the socks very comfortable and even some guys that didn't wear socks in their skates in the past are wearing the Swiftwick socks on a regular basis now."
Curtis Amiot
                Athletic Therapist
                Moose Jaw Warriors
"Unlike Kevlar, I don't sacrifice the performance for my protection. I feel the ice with great blade control, while wicking away the sweat..."
Steve Sullivan
                Foward for the New Jersey Devils
                Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy Winner
"David Legwand was wearing these particular socks... I wanted more information. For the last five months, we've been using this cut-resistant sock. The protection is second to none."
Dennis MacDonald
                Head Athletic & Equipment Manager for the Plymouth Whalers
"Upshall and Smithson loved the product and asked me to get in touch with Swiftwick. From my experience, it has been one of the best, if not THE best, performing sock of its type on the market. It's just a great product."
Chris Scoppetto
                Equipment Manager for Florida Panthers
Last year I went into a sporting goods store where one of these guys I play hockey with works. “Dude you gotta try these socks” and I’m like “Those are some expensive socks!” Anyway, he talked me into a pair and now I own three more. At this point, they might as well be sown into my skates as I never skate without a pair on. They're the only socks I’ve ever worn that actually fit, massage the foot, and don’t cause blisters after prolonged skating. Simply an amazing product. I couldn’t find them before my last hockey game and almost had them come-apart. Luckily I found my backup "Swiftwick footies". They were dirty, but again, I don’t skate without ‘em! I wear Swiftwick ASPIRE SEVENs and I play hockey! Happy skating!
I don’t dare wear my skates without my Swiftwick socks.  Having a comfortable skate starts with a comfortable sock and Swiftwick gives me that everyday.
Steve Sullivan
                Foward for the New Jersey Devils
                Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy Winner
I'd rather take the ice without skates than without my Swiftwicks.
Brent Thompson
I just received my new Swiftwick socks. I have been wearing them for 10 minutes and they are already the best socks I have ever worn. My feet are always cold sometimes even more so when I wear regular socks. Within five minutes of wearing my Swiftwick Fours my feet were warm; talk about improved circulation. I can't wait to see how they will perform when I play hockey.
Cynthia Read