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Health and Wellness - Swiftwick Socks

Swiftwick socks are all made in the U.S. using the latest in performance compression and moisture-wicking technology. Tried and tested by the world's top athletes, Swiftwick socks work as hard as you do.

Swiftwick Compression Socks Review

We have been long time fans of Merino wool and compression apparel for over 3 years so when Swiftwick sent us some of their latest compression socks and arm sleeves to test out, we were thrilled. Even though I don't wear socks for running, I do wear compression socks for recovery (walking), dress shoes, and compression arm sleeves for cold weather.

Swiftwick cut protection fitted hockey socks

Well in the world of ice hockey… injuries happen… but there are ways now to eliminate some of them… getting cut in the back of the leg with a sharp ice skate being one of them…

Swiftwick Sustain Socks – Green, No Matter What Color They Are

Socks might not be the most glamorous part of your kit, but I invite you to head out for a ride without them, especially when it comes to cyclocross. With running and riding in cold temps and nasty weather, socks are what save our feet.


When I need a little more warmth with out adding a few more layers of clothes, I slide on a pair of arm gators by Swiftwick (www.swiftwick.com). These 3/4 sleeves keep my arms toasty while providing compression to support my forearms and biceps on a long paddle.

Swiftwick Sustain Sock Review by Timothy Pitt

Have you ever felt like you just won the lottery? That is exactly how I felt when a Swiftwick representative sent me two pair of their new Sustain line sock for review!! I will have to admit that when I learned about this new recycled fiber material being used in Swiftwick socks, the notion of wearing pieces of plastic on my feet was not very appealing.

Gear Review: Swiftwick Socks

I had no idea what a 'compression' sock meant but was keen to find out. I tested these black Sustain socks while on a long and steep day hike in September, and noticed two primo factors that stood out. First, my feet didn't sweat, ever. Two, the socks didn't bunch up in either the toe or heel, even on the descent. The snug fit kept them pretty much glued to my foot, so there was actually increased feel from foot to shoe, important on the rock-hopping sections and log crossings. I can see trail-runners loving this sock.

Swiftwick Socks

Socks aren't typically the first place I look to save the environment, but Swiftwick is big on the earth-friendly aspects of their footwear. Most socks are made with synthetic fibers (Nylon, spandex, etc.), so the more those fibers are made in an environmentally conscious way, the better.

Local Product Spotlight: Swiftwick Socks

Just a few clicks on their site will tell you several things about Swiftwick, and where their products are being sent out to. In a market where the bigger fish dominate the share, the serious runners have been introduced to Swiftwick.

Swiftwick at RX Smart Gear!

Rx Smart Gear is proud to carry the best socks hands down! Swiftwick socks are no ordinary type of footwear, just as Rx Jump Ropes are no ordinary type of jump rope. Go to our store www.rxsmartgear.com to buy your own pair!

First Impressions: Swiftwick Aspire & Sustain Socks

Founded in 2008, Swiftwick produces its entire product line in the United States (Tennessee, to be exact). The company offers socks for a wide range of activities, and was recently announced as the top-selling cycling sock brand throughout the first quarter of 2013 at independent bike dealers. GRAVELBIKE tested two of Swiftwick's popular cycling socks–the Aspire and Sustain.

Testing new socks, fuel and hydration on an epic ride: Why not?

Sometimes the line between moron and genius is very thin. In my latest cycling adventure I came out on the right side with my choices to use the Swiftwick Sustain™ socks, Skratch Labs Hydration and N.O.W. bars for fuel. I took off for a three-day, epic mountain bike ride through the mountains of Colorado with a plan to average 65 – 80 miles each day. The kicker was that I had no support, which meant everything was on my back or bike. Gear and fuel choices take on a whole new level of importance and it was critical that the clothing, and fuel were up to the test.

Week 10 of Marathon training complete! Janji Winner! Swiftwick Giveaway!

Here's one for Swiftwick socks. I was given the opportunity to try Swiftwick socks. You invest in highly technical running shoes, and you deserve Swiftwick compressions socks, delivering a blister free, bone dry environment for maximum comfort. The minimalist trend, bare foot runners wearing Swiftwick socks (rather than nothing) and a growing focus on light weight products, these are the mega movements in running that made Swiftwick the fastest growing brand in America's top 100 running stores. I tried both the Vibe & Pulse & they were great! No blisters, no issues, just comfortable & wonderful.

Hot To Squat: Jump In With Both Feet

Swiftwick's claim reads like this: The Best You Will Ever Wear, Guaranteed. A bold, but thus far true statement. Their secret lies in their construction, using a high needle count. Listed on the packaging you see, for instance, 168 Needle, or 200 Needle, which, according to their website, "creates a second-skin feel, prevents shifting or bunching and eliminates the risk of friction blisters while making your shoes fit more comfortably. The higher the needle count, the tighter the knit. Our high-gauge construction produces a softer, denser, and more durable garment."

Sock It To You

The compression in the foot bed offers soles an unusual, squeezy feel, treatment normally reserved for calves and shins. The no-slip construction saved one editor from a single blister throughout a rain-soaked marathon.

Swiftwick Socks Giveaway

Ever since I chaffed my heels during the Country Music Half Marathon, I've been a fan of Swiftwick socks. A week after that soggy race, I slipped a pair of Swiftwicks over my bandaged ankles for a six-mile run and haven't worn any other brand of socks since then. I like Swiftwick socks because they provide support, compression, comfort and have kept my feet chaff and blister free.

Products I Love: Swiftwick

So what makes Swiftwick so different from all the other athletic socks on the market? Many things! One of the first things that attracted me to this brand were the length options I mentioned above, yet EVERY pair of Swiftwick socks is still a compression sock.

Swiftwick Socks: US Made Foot Wrappers

Made in America is a pretty hard to find label these days, but that is what you find when you look at the products coming from the factories of Swiftwick Socks in Tennessee, US of A. Pretty cool, eh? But they need to work well too. Wrapping a flag around a product does not make manure into a rose but I have been a loyal Swiftwick sock wearer for several years now and have found nothing but value and a high level of performance from them, specifically the Pursuit line of Merino wool socks.

I have been converted~Swiftwick

SWIFTWICK. The name alone caught my attention. I was looking for something besides a soggy sock. But, they still had to pass my "no blister" test. I'm happy to say that many miles and 3 races (2 road half marathons, 1 trail half marathon) later, these things are FANTASTIC at not just wicking and blister prevention, but they actually have some compression to them. They do NOT slide down, even when crossing muddy streams. They stay put and almost feel like part of my shoes. No sliding, and no blisters.

The Great Compression Debactle

The only kind I've actually run in are the Swiftwick Aspire Twelve's. (retail at $35.99) I've always been very loyal to Swiftwick, but don't want to feel like I'm missing out on other great products because I just haven't tried them yet. I'm a pretty brand loyal bird, so once I find something I love and know works well for me, it's hard to put it aside and try something different. But I'm working on it! There's way too many great products out there for me to miss out on before at least trying them!! Who knows, I might find something even better!

Friday Faves

The Swiftwick Vibe Zero compression socks offer a cushy bottom, they're breathable and they're just tight enough that they don't move around in my shoes but they're not too tight to cut off circulation.

Swiftwick Aspire Sock Review and Giveaway

I'm on a serious neon kick. I first met a Swiftwick representative at the Runners World Half Marathon event last year and instantly fell in love with the socks I sampled. I've been a Swiftwick sock ambassador ever since because of how amazing their socks are. They are my go to sock for everything workout related. They wick away sweat and keep my feet comfortably secure in my shoes. I love them so much I've even gotten Josh and my family addicted.

Not just any old socks: Swiftwick

I met with Mark Cleveland, a former Eugene guy who started Swiftwick Sock Company. I got a pair of his socks a year ago and they are my favorite socks to wear cycling, to the gym and even hiking. These socks are engineered not just made. Mark agreed to buy some air time on Rick Dancer TV next month. We have something fun planned but I can't tell you right now. I've seen the Swiftwick Compression Socks around town or you can go to their website and check them out. The one's I'm wearing, are special socks for the U of O Cycling team. I'll tell you more next month. They even make a new hockey sock that has a gutter system for sweat. Mark is really into socks.

I Feel Like A Swiftwick Santa Claus

I have some exciting news to share with you guys today. If you ever look at my sidebars you might have noticed a logo for Swiftwick pop up on the left hand side over the holidays. Swiftwick is an athletic performance sock company that I had the pleasure of meeting at Runners World. They talked of their socks durability and comfort and asked if I would like to try them out.

Say Hello to My New friend, Swiftwick socks

I wore these Swiftwick socks during last Sunday's long run. I won them through a giveaway in December on Fitness, Health and Happiness. I LOVED them! My legs stayed fresh during the run, and my recovery was much better than previous recoveries. At $12.99/pair, these are a great deal for ensuring I stay fresh and energized for my half marathon goal.

Stuff I Like: Swiftwick Socks Mini Review

I discovered the Swiftwick Olefin Four Performance sock a few years ago and may never ride in another sock again. That is with the exception of the Merino Four Pursuit in the winter when I need a little extra warmth. The performance line is made from a material called Olefin, which is a Nobel Prize-winning fiber that's light and breathable with superb abrasion resistance and outstanding durability. Best of all, the production of Olefin has less environmental impact than most polymers because it leaves very little waste and is easier to recycle than most synthetic fibers.

Gear Review: Swiftwick Sock Review by Timothy Pitt

These socks are by far my favorite to wear for ANY road race, from 5k's to marathons and every distance in between. These socks provide a competitive edge just short of super powers. Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but the benefits of compression are scientifically indisputable!

The Best Cycling Socks-Swiftwick Sock Review

10 Reasons Swiftwick Cycling Socks are the Best Cycling Socks!

Swiftwick Sustain Compression Sock Review

We tried the Sustain One on a couple of short, three-mile trail runs. Compared to other low ankle socks we've used, the compression provided by the Swiftwick Sustain sock gave us noticeably greater endurance. Our feet also simply felt better after the run. No aches or wishing some cute Swedish blonde masseuse would rub our feet for an hour. Okay…maybe we'd still like that last one anyway.

I'm In Love With Swiftwick Socks!! #Giveaway

Swiftwick sent me a pair of their Performance Zero Socks for review. These are compression socks, which means that they're perfect-in fact, designed for-use during athletics and physical activity.

Swiftwick Sleeves Review

Mixed Nuts Racing Team has been along time lover and supporter of Swiftwick socks and saw that they had finally made sleeves with a 200-needle knit garment designed to mimic the Swiftwick sock technology. Which is way better than cutting the toes off of socks to fashion your own because they are just not the same trust me.

Battle of the Socks – Balega vs Swiftwick

I mentioned a while back about how good I must have been this year to my family because they found some AWESOME Christmas presents for me. Part of my Christmas extravaganza included three different types of running socks: Nike, Balega, and Swiftwick. The Nike's went back to the store before even trying them – they didn't look like they would fit properly… Sorry, Buddy!

Swiftwick Review

You know how much I love my ProCompression Marathon socks. I wear them anytime that I need extra recovery or support at night or during a long run. I've been looking for a shorter sock for my lower mileage runs, and then I found Swiftwick. I received the socks at the Runner's World Half Festival and I couldn't wait to try them!

Holiday GIVEAWAY! Padraig Hat and Swiftwick Socks

Ho Ho Ho! Enter our holiday giveaways for a Padraig Baby Hat or Swiftwick Socks!

Gear Review: Swiftwick Sustain Sock

Socks, unfortunately, are an often overlooked yet essential piece of running kit. They are, after all, the interface between our feet and our shoes! In the past, I was guilty of picking-up a jumbo pack of "athletic" socks from my local retailer, 5 pairs for 15 bucks. It wasn't until my good friend Drew at my local Fleet Feet pushed a pair of Swiftwick performance socks into my bag that I gave much serious thought to what I was actually putting on my feet.


About the last thing I expected to become excited about during my annual visit to the PGA Merchandise Show was socks, but here I am anxious to tell you why. Once I leave a short sit-down cup of orange juice in the Media Room, I am continuously on my feet with no relief for four days running including the Demo Day. It's a virtual marathon of standing and walking. Previously my feet and legs would be weary and sore after 9 hours of this, four days in a row.

Swiftwick Socks Review

Playing a round of golf really takes a toll on my feet. The first thing I want to do after my round is take off my shoes and put my feet up. Heat and perspiration can also cause discomfort and blistering. I've never been willing to spend much money on something as simple as a sock, so I was very curious when I found out I'd be reviewing socks from a company by the name of Swiftwick. Prior to this review, I just looked at socks as something you put on before your shoes. They serve a purpose of absorbing sweat and drawing it to areas where air can evaporate the perspiration. Did you know the foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body? It's able to produce over one pint of perspiration per day!

Adventure Trail And Swiftwick Sock Review

Yesterday I took an adventure across the Ohio River with an ultramarathoner, and good friend, Troy Shellhamer to check out a new trail that neither of us had ran on. With the weather the way it was the night before with rain turning to snow we decided to wait until mid morning to head out just in case the roads were bad.

Swiftwick Pursuit Sock Review

The Pursuit was very comfortable out of the packaging. I could tell that this sock would be one of my favorite pair of socks. Can you have more than one favorite pair of socks? I wasn't sure if I would like the four inch version, but to my surprise I like the fit and coverage it provided, especially on those wet/muddy runs.


Before I ran in them I talked with the owner of the Swiftwick brand, Mark Cleveland. The man is excited about this product. In a lot of ways its a culmination of everything Swiftwick set out to do: provide the BEST athletic socks on the market and work within a commitment to the least environmental footprint possible. Green is cool. Literally.

Product Review: Swiftwick Socks

Recently Swiftwick socks offered a giveaway to blogger Jill Conyers at Fitness, Health and Happiness. I have wanted to try out this brand of socks, so this was the perfect opportunity when I won a pair. A box from Swiftwick arrived in my mailbox, and not only did it include the socks, but also a rubber bracelet and decal. Bonus!

Swiftwick Socks review

Ah, summer. The time for backyard BBQs, getting outdoors, and sweaty feet. Sweaty feet? Yup, that's part of the package out here in the high desert. When temperatures soar into the triple digits you need to take care of your feet while playing. The folks at Swiftwick just happened to send out a few pairs of their fancy compression socks for me to test, and with the Utah summer swelter starting in June, the timing was just right. I put the Swiftwicks though the proverbial paces to see if these are the perfect socks for your next outing.

Exciting News, I'm an Official Swiftwick Blogger Ambassador...

Most of you know my obsession with my Swiftwick socks. ever since having the chance to try them out at The Runners World Hat Trick back in October, I have been hooked. I never knew how much a sock makes a difference in how your feet feel during use till I started wearing Swiftwick.

JMS Swiftwick Compression Socks

JMS Plastics Supply now offers a line of advanced compression socks to minimize the perspiration that builds up in prosthetic liners. The new Swiftwick Valor Compression Socks use a patented bonding process to deliver the natural antiodor and antifungal benefits of silver ions throughout the socks, activated when the wearer sweats. Made of strong, quick-drying Tactel, the socks feature targeted knee padding, linked seams for a smooth distal end, and a midpatellar tendon marker to reference when sizing and fitting.

The Color Run New Orleans with Swiftwick!

Thanks to Larisa at Zero to Twenty Six Point Two, I was also lucky enough to represent Swiftwick Socks at The Color Run! Swiftwick gave us some awesome fit gear...a Swiftwick tech shirt, Swiftwick arm sleeves, and Swiftwick compression socks! The tech shirt was awesome...made of the wicking material that I love! I was really interested in the arm sleeves because I've never worn any. I don't have the slimmest arms so I didn't know if I would like them. But I loved them!!!

Swiftwick Sock Giveaway!

I got my first chance to try out Swiftwick socks after being given a pair of Swiftwick Performance Twelves from Jillian of Swiftwick. And? Well, I LOVED them! I wore them the next night for a 6.5 mile nighttime trail race and they performed perfectly! I've since gotten a couple more pairs of Swiftwick socks and they are definitely my favorite!