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New Product- Swiftwick Socks

Life is too short for crappy socks! For the last two years Jeff and Melanie have been field testing the Swiftwick Socks on the trails in Marquette and are totally sold on these performance socks. From mountain biking to trail running we have put these socks through the "ringer" so to speak, and have been totally impressed by the quality and durability of the wool/olfin socks. The simple fact is that these socks wick better, and last a lot longer then any other sock we've tried!

Win a pair of eco-friendly Swiftwick SUSTAIN socks

If you're a runner, cyclist, golfer, or enjoyer of pretty much any athletic activity, you're already aware of the importance of quality footwear. Before you even begin to talk about shoes, you've got to talk about socks. That's where U.S. based Swiftwick comes in. And with their new Sustain socks, performance footwear is more eco-friendly than ever!

Pro Bass Angler Mike DelVisco Fishing in Comfort with Swiftwick

PAA Tour pro Mike DelVisco will be fishing the 2013 season in comfort thanks to his relationship with Swiftwick. The Brentwood, Tennessee company specializes in producing an incredible line of performance socks and arm sleeves that incorporate wicking and compression technology. "I have been wearing Swiftwick socks for several years now and they are by far the most comfortable socks I have ever worn," says DelVisco.

Swiftwick Aspire Zero And Pursuit Four

Eventually, we will review every option offered by Swiftwick. And we're ok with that. So far, none of our contributors or testers have been disappointed in the variety that have been made available for our testing. The Swiftwick line runs the gamut from full synthetic to Merino blends, as well as their SUSTAIN line, which are constructed from Repreve's eco-friendly post-industrial recycled nylon. In addition to offering different blends, Swiftwick also makes a wide range of heights, from the nearly invisible Zero, to an over-the-calf Twelve.

Product Review: Swiftwick Olefin Twelve Socks

Skate socks are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment. While everyone has their own preferences on what type of socks they like to use, wearing the thinnest sock you are comfortable with is recommended. A thinner sock will give you a better feel for the ice and it is less likely to bunch up inside the skate boot; causing discomfort.


I am actually amazed at the amount of gear that I have had for a long time that I have never written about. To say the least - it's been a busy few years and I haven't been writing as much as I would have liked. My Swiftwick socks certainly fall into that category.

Swiftwick Pulse Zero Cycling Socks

From the moment these Pulse Zero Compression socks snug around your feet, you'll forget you have socks on. Light, stretchy, and comfortable, they breathe well as you spin on the trainer, hit the road, or hop logs in the woods. Don't be fooled on durability and quality by their lightness: these socks are built strong and reliable.

Swiftwick Sock Special Offer – Save 20%!

One of my favorite socks at the moment is the PERFORMANCE ZERO sock from Swiftwick. Thanks to the double density weave footbed, the sock is extremely comfortable, offers excellent breathability and wicking characteristics and is very durable.

Swiftwick socks taking over the hockey world

During a late June joint meeting of the Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society and the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers in Las Vegas, a representative from Reebok, a major National Hockey League sponsor, was speaking to the group and made the comment that their hockey sock was the best on the market. Unprompted, an equipment manager from one of the league's Canadian-based teams stood up and told him that he was wrong and that Swiftwick makes the best hockey sock.