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There are ordinary socks, and then there are Swiftwick socks. What makes a sock so important?

According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, for the serious athlete, socks have become recognized as an essential component of footwear that can determine the difference between success or failure in athletics competition and training. Read our testimonials.

Black Aspire

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At the end of the day, when your feet hurt, swell and expire... So do you.  Add gravity, plus impact swelling from athletic activities, vibration from the bike, irritating toe seams, micro abrasions and trail debris causing blisters, together with smelly, wet feet --- why would anyone not want to fix that series of problems?

At Swiftwick, we combine the best technological features of sock construction and fiber choices to produce something in America that's unique.  A complete line of socks that perform regardless of where you play. Swiftwick delivers a competitive advantage through technology. See our FAQ's for more information.

Swiftwick socks provide your feet's 60 joints, 200 ligaments and 35 muscles with greater support from of a purposefully engineered performance product.  Using better mechanical construction and superior fibers this sock is sometimes hard to get on compared to your limp cotton sock, but easy to wear, and easy to love as your first compression sock.  Swiftwick constructs each product line to serve an objective, and each sock for optimal breathability, durability, comfort, and support. We understand how to deliver a sock capable of dissipating damaging forces with high quality textiles, the right fiber composition in the right place, and construction techniques in manufacturing and finishing that make us confident when we say --

This is the best sock you'll ever wear, GUARANTEED.