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A good hunter will tell you that the scope is more important than the gun. You need a good gun but an excellent scope. So it should be with your feet. You need a good pair of boots and an excellent pair of socks. Swiftwick is an excellent sock. A friend of mine was in New Foundland last week on a moose hunt. He had to miss two days of the hunt because of blisters on his feet. I told him about your sock and gave him your website. You bet he invested in Swiftwick socks.
Jerry Crawford
Swiftwick has created a moisture wicking sock that works for outdoorsmen. After all day hikes in the high country of the Rockies I noticed that Swiftwicks, with it's seamless toe and heel beds, stayed in place the entire day, never bunching, staying comfortable from frosty mornings to the heat of the day. I even use them as a wade sock under my winter fly fishing waders.
Chris Bailey, World traveler and host of Reel Outdoors TV
Great Product! Once I tried them out, I felt extreme comfort in my feet during my training. I Didn't have any issues with sweat. They kept my feet dry and are an incredible fit! In my continuous use of this product, I will be sure to inform you on how well they are doing. I am VERY satisfied with the purchase of my Swiftwick socks!
Glen Valladares
I've been enjoying the product quite a bit. By far the best most comfortable socks I have ever worn.
Mike DelVisco
I've been a long time user of Smartwool socks, but after finding out about Swiftwick socks and I'm a convert. I picked up a pair during a sale on The Clymb and after the first day I'm ordering more. These are the best socks I've worn.
Justin Fowler
I discovered Swiftwick socks a few years ago through my local running club in Nashville, TN and have worn no other brand since. In 2010 I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, and started out with two pairs. I only wish I had planned ahead and had new pairs waiting for me when those wore out after 750 desert miles of day after day use. I will be hiking the Continental Divide Trail this year and will not leave home without them. This time, I'll have enough pairs of the Pursuit One to last me from Mexico to Canada.
Jim Boatwright
Long Distance Hiker and God willing a Triple Crowner (AT, PCT, CDT)

A year ago I fell off a roof of a house and broke my heel, sprained my ankle and tore my ankle ligaments. Later my ankle had swollen up and was very painful and difficult for me to move around. A few months ago I walked into a bicycle shop trying to find an ankle sleeve when the owner told me to try Swiftwick compression socks. He told me that it would get rid of the pain and swelling 100%... and he was right. Now I'm living pain and swelling free like my injury never happened. Thanks Swiftwick.
Omar Rahim
Let's talk about sweaty feet. I was asked to test the moisture wicking socks to their maximum potential, and this is what I did. Never have my feet been drier, after wearing the same pair of socks three days in a row, ranching, retail, hiking and relaxing with down moccasins on next to a fire. For having lived thirty three years with wet socks in all conditions, I know that the dry feet revolution starts with Olefin. Yeah Nobel Prize!
Erin Brandmeier
I have been involved in sports all my life and I have always struggled with blisters, swollen and achy feet. I have tried numerous products, but it wasn't until I tried Swiftwick for the first time when I realized that there was actually a product that could address the latter. I have always been cognizant of the fact that you cannot ignore your feet, simply because they take the most abuse of any other part of your body. Now, I can confidently go about my business without having to worry about any of the aches and pains I experienced before. A worry-free experience. Thank YOU SWIFTWICK!!
Beto Villegas
I like to walk and hike. I am going to be 59 in March and I have challenged my 18 year old to see who can lose more weight by 4/1, so I figured I need all the help I can get! I went to local running store to get better shoes and socks. I tried yours at the recommendation of the person in the running store, and I really like them. My feet feel great in them.
Sheri Globig
I have an undiagnosed shin muscle issue on my left leg... any vigorous walking/cycling activity causes painful stiffening and knotting on the outer side of my leg between the knee and ankle. I was told that Swiftwick socks could help, I purchased the ankle, crew and the knee-high socks. I found that after a couple of spinning classes, the knee-high socks have completely eliminated the knotting up and pain. I look forward to getting more of the knee-highs!!!
Henry Flores
I wore the mid-calf Swiftwick socks while on a 6 day backpacking trip in the Weminuche wilderness. I had been nursing an Achilles tendinitis leading up to the trip and was apprehensive about the undertaking at high altitude with a heavy pack. The first two days of climbing were pain free and blister free. I switched socks on day three and began forming blisters and having tendon pain. I swathed back to the Swiftwick socks on day 4 and had no problems for the rest of the journey. I was afraid to wear any other socks. We had a great trip. I use them now for all of my trail running.
Sam Cooke