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Baseball Compression Socks

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
My only 'go to' running socks.
Review by Rodney Small on Jan 23, 2016
Keep my feet dry and at the proper temperature at all time while running or racing. Very comfortable and never have blister problems. What more can I ask for.
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Cold Feet - No More!
  Review by Bandy, Jeffrey (Tennessee USA) on Nov 29, 2012
I love running outdoors even in the cold. I picked up a couple pairs of Pursuit One Merino Wool Compression Socks at the recommendation of a sales associate at a local running store. He talked about the ability of the socks to keep your feet warm and dry in cold weather. He was spot on!

The socks are awesome. I have put them to the test by running in cold, snow, and rain. The socks wick away the water from my feet after stepping in puddles or snow. My feet have never gotten blisters as with other socks and wet feet. Runners always say not to cut corners on running shoes; Swiftwick PURSUIT One's makes its own argument for not buying inferior socks.

Thanks for another incredible sock!
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The best socks I have ever owned
Review by Borth, Jordan on Apr 08, 2012
I received my first two pairs of the Swiftwick Pursuit One Merino Wool Compression Socks as a gift at Christmas. Instead of the standard 10 pair of Nike classic tubes, I asked Moms for a couple pairs of some high quality alternatives (great choice, Mom!) and from the first time they were on I knew I would have trouble wearing anything else.

They provide the perfect amount of support in just the right places (I know. Support. For your feet. You have no idea) keep my feet dry, ventilated and mad comfy from dusk till dawn (I commute daily and am on my feet constantly). I can wear a single pair of these bad boys for three to four days in a row with amazing results, seriously, they don't even smell. Three hours into wearing any standard pair of cotton socks and my feet are sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable (ie. Disgusting);

I've put my fair share of socks to the test over the years and for pretty much every use, the Swiftwicks leave nothing to be desired.

I picked up 3 more pairs just the other day and am finally able live out the dream of a drawer with more than two pairs! Will be nice to know I have the option of cycling through them a little more frequently. Although they're plenty more expensive than most socks out there, the benefits and quality are simply too awesome to pass up; I have no problem paying for high quality products, especially something as necessary and fundamental as socks.

Thanks for the socks guys! They make everyday that much better!
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Don't go shoe shopping in Swiftwick Wool Socks
Review by Dickinson, Tommy on Mar 27, 2012
So here's the deal... I got this ridiculously comfortable pair of Merino Wool Pursuit socks and made a huge mistake -- I went shoe shopping in them. I thought I was in the zone and finding pair after pair of great / comfortable shoes that day - I left the store with about 4 pairs of shoes only to find out over the course of the following week that these shoes where in fact not all that comfortable.


So, don't make the same mistake I did and DON'T go shoe shopping in Swiftwick Wool Socks... but if you do, there is a solution - just wear your SW socks everyday. They will fix a crappy shoe.

Thanks for "the best sock I ever wore" Swiftwick!
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Loved em best for 1200km
Review by WRIGHT, PAMELA on Dec 03, 2011
Two days before leaving for the 1200k Paris-Brest-Paris, boyfriend and I learned of Swiftwick and were so convinced, paid a fortune to overnight a small assortment. I rode my Pursuit socks for a 100-mile warm-up and loved em so, I just kept washing and wearing them for the week before PBP, packed 4pair of other socks for the actual PBP, but never changed socks. They had just right squoosh to them and I ordered more heights just a few days ago!
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