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I'm an ultra runner who spends a lot of time on my feet and on technical terrain. I knew shoes were very important but I had no idea how important socks were until I started getting heat blisters and my feet started swelling over the long distances I would run on the trails (training or racing). This past February I raced the red hot 55km race in Moab, Utah. I had run the race the year before and my feet were wrecked! It took me a couple weeks to recover and run comfortably . . . this was due to the technical nature of the terrain and my feet sliding inside my shoes as I ran on the off-camber slick rock. I had been trying different socks and they either left my feet too hot (smartwool) or there was not enough cushioning or compression. After talking to my ultra friends I discovered Swirtwick socks. I loved them during my training runs so I decided to race in them in Moab. My feet never felt better! I ran a huge PR and despite the hot and technical terrain my feet had zero blisters or hot spots! These socks are my go to for long races, training runs and everything in between.
Hillary Allen
Mountain/ultra runner
Let me start by saying “thank you for making such a quality product.” While training for the upcoming Publix Atlanta Marathon, I’ve been increasing my mileage weekly. Unfortunately, the increased mileage brought hot spots and blisters. I tried socks from Balga, Thorlo Experia and Smartwool with the same result. Upon a suggestion from a friend in my running group and a well-timed gift card from my brother-in-law, I purchased my first pair of Vibe One socks. Hot spots – gone. Blisters – gone. What I was left with was a nice smooth sock I didn’t need to think about while running. The only item of note is I’m a shoe size 9.5 but bought a size large instead of the size medium suggested on the package based upon a recommendation from the sales associate…they were right, the sock fit perfectly. As I continue my training (and on race day) the only socks on my feet will be from Swiftwick. My feet thank you!
While running with my running group, I wore my new Swiftwick socks last week and never once had to think about whether or not I’d have any “hot spots” as I usually do! Also, it was so nice to take off my socks after the run and my feet not be a disgusting, sloppy mess (hey, just being honest, I live in Central FL)! Thanks for VERY dry socks and no blister issues!!! What a relief!
Katy Cook
While attending the open air demo at Jordanell at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Show, Mark gave me a pair of the TWELVE Merino Compression socks to wear around. I spend the day wearing those socks. Wow! I really fell in love with those socks. I had just completed a 5K trail run. I only wish I would have had those socks for the run. A great pair of socks. So comfortable and they fit me perfectly. I am looking forward to wearing them this winter as I do my Ski Patrol duties at Soldier Hollow! Thanks again Mark. You have a Swiftwick customer for life!
Brent Alm
I recently purchased a pair of you Pink Stripped Vision Twelve socks for a Spartan Sprint that I did in the beginning of July. The race was a 5 mile obstacle race at Blue Mountain Ski Slope in New Pennsylvania. Your socks were amazing. I wish I would have found your company sooner! The socks not only helped turning the running portion of the race through the woods, they also were a great help in hiking up a black diamond ski slope with a 20lb sand bag. Your socks also provided protection from some of the other obstacles in the race including the rope climb. They helped me accomplish placing 3rd in my age group in the elite heat of the competition. I will never run another race without them!
Heather Cammarata
I love my Wicks.....but I really love the Pulse socks. Now that I have increased my weekly mileage from 10 miles a week to now 30-35 the Pulse are giving my feet an amazing ride. Don't get me wrong, I still will run in a pair of Vibes, when colder, or a pair of Aspires, but these new Pulse I just can't say enough about these bad boys. The toe box feels great and my feet are not over-heating. When I used to run I hated the feeling of aching, blistering feet and my feet would die before my body even got tired. Now my feet are smiling while my lungs are dying. I can hear my feet saying "Come on you wimp, don't stop know, we are just getting started down here". For you runners give a pair of the Pulse a try...........you won't regret it.
Stacey Longest
I’ve been running over 30 years and done any number of races, from HS cross country, to racing on The Great Wall, to The Boston Marathon, and plenty of local road races. Say what you will about my speed, but if anything I am experienced. Over the past year I have completely replaced all my running socks with Swiftwick. Previously I was wearing Balegas, but once I gave Swiftwick a try I was hooked. They are a GREAT running sock. Not too thin to feel like hosiery like some socks I’ve had in the past, but not thick and bulky like so many socks on the market (we won’t even mention the ol’ cotton socks of the past ..(shudder). Also they are durable, and they don’t break down and get holes after only a few uses. I’m sold.
Wade Oliver
I started using Swiftwick's about 18 months ago, prepping for the Freedom's run half marathon and was blown away at the support and comfort. I started buying them for all occasions, not just training. I wear them almost exclusively now and wear the 12's with my suits at work (wish I could get them without the logo on the ankle so it looks more like a dress sock). I have also particpated in getting the grab bag which is an awseome way to get great socks at a discount. I couldn't be happier with the product and have been telling everyone about them.
Rob Robb
As a college student with limited time and money, I never really paid much attention to the details of my workout attire. So, when I told my Dad I was planning on running the Atlanta Thanksgiving half-marathon last year, I was sort of indifferent when he offered to let me use his Swiftwick running socks. Thankfully I ended up taking his advice, and I was pleasantly surprised as to how comfy and cool the socks were throughout the race. In fact.. I might have "borrowed" them for the remainder of the year. However, my dad wasn't about to let me steal his beloved Swiftwick's, so he bought me a pair of my own! I've now worn them for months - primarily for running and rowing - and I wouldn't wear any other socks for a long session on the erg or trail run!
Sofia Tuttle
These socks are the best, hands down. In 5k races, every other brand I've worn fails to come close to the performance offered by the Aspire line. They retail their shape and stay dry, which is a key selling point for me. Keep up the great work!
Jeff Green
I had been struggling with swelling in my feet on my long runs, until I began wearing Swiftwick Socks! My feet would swell up sometimes as much as 2 sizes, causing all kinds of jot spots and damage to my poor feet...now I can run my long distance events with no worries! I recently ran Umstead in a pair of Seven's, and had no problems!
John Brower

I'm 17 years old, and I love to run. My first trail ultramarathon was this February, the Black Warrior 50k. Not knowing quite what to expect, I set off into the woods. Navigating the terrain was a challenge in itself, so I didn't need to spend my time worrying about the condition of my feet! Thankfully I was wearing a pair of Swiftwick Aspire Two socks. Keeping dry and blister free wasn't a worry as I sloshed my way through the mud and water. 31 miles and multiple creek crossings later, I peeled off my Swiftwicks to uncover fresh (albeit slightly sore) feet without a blister, or even a spot of irritation. I continue to wear Swiftwick socks during my races and training runs, and even find myself snagging a pair on the way out of the door just to wear around town. Swiftwick socks are awesome!
Clark Bilbrey
I am new to running and went out and bought several variations of running socks (which I no longer wear). One day I went into our running store and the owner told me how great the Swiftwicks were. To be honest, I didn't buy them that day because one pair was as much as the pack of three I had previously bought. However, a few weeks later I went in, bit the bullet and bought a pair....and I am hooked. I now have two pair and have vowed to buy another pair each time I walk through the doors of the running store. They are cushy and don't slip around....they were not hot in the warmer weather and warm in the cooler weather. And, now that I know they're made in the USA it makes them all the more awesome. Thank you for being committed to making a great product produced here....I wish more companies would figure that out!
Kerri Kretzmeier
These socks are great for running. My sweaty feet don't slip in them like they have in Belega, Asics, and Adidas socks..
Caryn Nelson
I was on run and at some point had stepped on a piece of glass. It was in embedded so deep that it took pliers to pull out. I feel that the cushioning of the Swiftwick socks was the only thing that protected my foot from getting cut.
Chris Cobb
Yesterday, I picked up a pair of Zero below ankle socks to go with my new shoes. The employee recommended them. She said, they really are great socks and I'll notice a difference when I wear them (currently I was wearing cotton socks. Not sure how to describe the ones I get in a pack from Walmart). I didn't give it much thought and bought them because they were super comfy. Well, later that day I did my workout (high intensity training) and noticed when I took the socks off how INCREDIBLE pinkish my feet were! I have a history of poor blood circulation and my feet are usually more on the pale side. So I grabbed the cardboard wrapping the socks came in and it says, "improve blood circulation"!! Whaatt!? Sign me up, I'm a member of the Swiftwick church! ;) lol
Janelle Arp
Endless search for the perfect sock has ended. First and foremost my Aspire One's stay put. No sagging around the heel or bunching at the toes. Perfect fit! Wicking is far superior to any sock I have tried and I have tried a ton. Made in USA is the icing on the cake.
Jim Leach
I picked up my first pair of Swiftwicks in 2009 at the Country Music Half Marathon expo. I was still very new to running and had experienced some blistering of the bottom of my feet due to cotton socks. The sales associate at the expo explained the benefits of the Swiftwick socks. Not only did the Swiftwicks stop the blistering, the compression in the arch also helped relieve my aching from being "flat footed." I was hooked. I now run between 65-70 miles a week and have never purchased another brand of running socks since. The merino wool socks are awesome and keep my feet warm in the winter as well since I don't like treadmills. My feet thank you!
Jeff Brandy
I am a high school track and cross country runner who use to only wear Wright Sock because they were blister free. Those would be the only socks I wore. The bad thing about those socks were that they were very heavy and loose. I was at my local running store when the Swictwick Rep came in to let us try some of the sock he had brought on a way up to a conference and decided to stop by and run with us on our normal Tuesday run. Well I was a little worried these sock would not be to my liking but tried them on anyway. When I put them on a could tell they fit well and really liked the lightness of them along with the compression feature. So off we went on a run and the socks were filling great. When I got back to the shop the next day I bought another pair of sock and started wearing Swiftwick Socks all the time. Now my drawer is filled with Swiftwick Sock.
Matt Brafford
In early spring, I was racing every weekend. I had run two half-marathons, an 8K, and a 15K all within a span of about two months. My legs were feeling it! A friend of mine who works at a local running store suggested that I try training in compression socks, and recommended Swiftwicks. I tried them on at the store, and immediately fell in love with them. I usually wear them on morning runs, when my legs are still stiff from sleep. They make my legs feel great during the run, and the good feeling lasts for the remainder of the day. Sometimes, if my legs are especially achy, I’ll wear Swiftwicks to work (under my dress clothes). Works wonders!!!!
Phillips Paige
Bought my first pair the day before the marathon. Since they are a little thinner than what I usually wear, my left shoe was a little sloppy. Even after running 13.1 miles, I did not have any blisters. They gave my feet and ankles great support. Thank you.
Bill Derrer
I ran my first half marathon in Nashville last weekend, and had not heard about Swiftwick until the day before the race at the running expo. After hearing many people at the expo praise the Swiftwick products, I figured I would give them a shot. Despite apprehensions against wearing new gear for the first time during my first big race, I decided to wear them the next day. After the race I watched runners cringe as they peeled their cotton socks off soggy, blistered feet. Lo and behold, my feet were blister free and practically dry. I couldn't ask for a better product in Swiftwick. They will be my go-to long run and race sock from here on out, and hopefully for all my activities once I get my hands on some more! Thanks Swiftwick!
Coleman Bradley
Tried on a pair of Swiftwick socks when I got fitted for running shoes and was immediately hooked. The feel is great and they are extremely light. It feels like I'm not even wearing socks.
Heath Baker
When I started racing with Swiftwick socks I stopped getting blisters. I had a race recently where I was wearing my Swiftwicks and changed to a different brand sock toward the end of the race. I instantly got blisters! I'm ordering three more pairs of Swiftwicks NOW.
Kevin Howser
I am training for my first 5k and the socks I had been wearing were leaving blisters on my feet. I went to Salina Running Company and they suggested the Switftwicks. I have had no more blisters and my feet feel great!
Mollie Purcell
I bought the VIBE ONE socks the day before a half marathon. I was a bit leery of trying new socks on marathon day, especially because they seemed so thin. I wore them the day of the race and I was well pleased with how they performed. No blisters and my feet were comfortable for the entire race. I'll be buying more.
Stan Lee
Swiftwick makes great compression socks. The socks help keep feet cool during fast runs in warm weather. I've found Vibe's socks to have better performance than Nike (dri-fit) and Drymax.
Tanvir Khan
I've been a runner for the last 14 years and I've run everything from track races to ultra marathons on the trails. As a two-time Olympic trials qualifier in the marathon and an avid trail runner who logs up to 140 miles a week, I've learned that top quality products lead to top competitive performances. Swiftwick socks are the best socks I've run in hands down (and I've run in a lot of miles in a lot of socks over the years!). My favorite Swiftwick sock is the ASPIRE because it fits perfectly on my foot. When I'm running up and down mountains on twisting single-track trails the ASPIREs keep my feet the most comfortable. Swiftwick socks keep me from getting blisters, they don't bunch in my shoes, and they feel the most natural on my feet. A true high quality product that I'd highly recommend. Thank you Swiftwick!
Sage Canaday
2:16 Marathoner, Avid Trail Runner, Training for the US Mountain Running Championships.
I just wanted to personally thank you for encouraging me to (along with my Performance Sleeves) try the Aspire Twelve compression socks (small/black)! I absolutely LOVED them! I have always been a huge fan of hills. LOVE the challenge. BUT, sometimes, even hill lovers experience that burning/cramping sensation, especially at the peak. Well, not this morning! In my opinion, at least 95% of the Half Marathon course is hills. Not ONCE did I feel burning and/or cramping, especially during steep ascents. I was able to attack 100% of the hills without muscle or joint discomfort. I couldn't believe it. Truly an amazing product! I can't wait to hit the road with them again!
Shannon Schuerman
My feet NEVER blister with Swiftwick. They are so comfortable and perform so amazingly even when wet! Thank you!
Josh Crosby
I recently ran my very first mud run wearing the Vibe Two Swiftwick socks. After starting the race with a big deep, suck your shoes from your feet, mud hole, I was instantly impressed with my new Vibe Swiftwick socks. The Vibes stayed in place, never bunched or slipped in my shoes. Throughout the 8K run, my new Vibe socks felt great and the built in compression kept my feet feeling good. I've already ordered two more pair and have told all my running buddies about how awesome Swiftwick socks are. Swiftwick will be the only socks I wear from now on. Keep up the good work!!
Martha Herff
I run 60 to 100 miles a week, I live in the humid low country so no matter what socks I wore or how new my shoes were, if I ran more that 6-7 miles I would get blisters. I thought it was just something I was going to have to live with if i wanted to run. I went to my local running store, Palmetto Running Company, to get a pair of shoes for an upcoming marathon. They advised me to get a pair of Swiftwick’s to try. They worked great! Not only did I not get any more blisters, but the ones I had started to go away =) I no longer wear any other brand for longer runs. Swiftwick is the only brand I will buy now.
Katie Mock
I was wearing Smartwool Phd Outdoor Light Minis and a friend of mine at Big Peach introduced me to Swiftwick a few months back, and my life has not been the same since. I Trail run 3 days a week and the performance I get from my Swiftwick’s is what I expect from my gear: nothing but the best! I have high expectations from the gear I put on from head to toe and my Swiftwick’s have not let me down. I can perform at my best knowing my feet are in good hands with my Swiftwick’s on for the duration of my training. I look forward to wearing my Swiftwick’s and I will spread the word that there is nothing else like them.
Ricardo Formoso
I went into Fleet Feet and asked for socks that are tight and comfortable, ones that wouldn't slip in my shoes (especially at my heal), or make my feet sweat. The salesman told me about these new socks that they just got in that weren't even on the shelf yet - Swiftwick. He got a pair for me from the back. I tried them on and it was instant sock-love. I have been searching for a sock exactly like yours. Thank you for making my feet so happy! I bought three pairs! I have never written a company before to tell them how happy I am with a product - but you had to know!
Emily Roberts
The first time I tried out a pair of Swiftwick socks was at a 10k sponsored by the local athletics shop. As a promotional item, the shop was giving out a pair of socks to the runners and my older sister seemed to be thrilled. Though I prefer to run with minimalist shoes and didn't really wear socks, her fervent endorsements of the Swiftwick compression socks lead me to try them out. What a difference they made! While usual socks were almost impossible to wear in my running shoes, Swiftwick socks fit perfectly and completely eliminated the blistering that came with longer runs. Also, by wearing socks, I don't have to worry about my shoes starting to stink!
Jason Needham
I received the package yesterday and just put the grey merino wool one's on right now. Not to be typical and gawk out at the instant I am exposed to a new product, BUT I LOVE THESE!!! I've worn Swiftwick when I run and smartwool during the day for the past several months (mainly because I've just always worn smartwool for everyday use and running UNTIL we got Swiftwick in). But WOW! These are hands down better!
Melissa Adams
Nothing is worse than blisters from cruddy socks. Thanks, Swiftwick, for making great products that will stand up to long runs in the Alabama sun.
Lisa Booher
I love your socks! I've been wearing Swiftwicks since August of last year and they are great. Just started trail running back in December and you're wool socks are perfect. I love that when I run through some water and my feet get wet, they are dry again a few minutes later. I even wear the wool socks during distance races and long runs for added cushion.
Dave Hillis
I started running in May 2008. As I added mileage, I acquired the necessary "gear" a runner needs. I bought better shoes, better shorts, wicking shirts, etc. I just could not find running socks I really liked. The socks I bought were adequate, but weren't always the best option for the longer runs. I went to Fleet Feet in Birmingham to buy some shoes. While there, I told the owner that I was struggling to find the ideal running socks and assumed what I wanted just didn't actually exist. He asked if I had tried Swiftwick and I said no. He told me to try a pair to see how they worked out. I came back in the store after that Saturday's long run and bought 5 more pair. I like the thinner socks and have never had an issue with my Swiftwicks. In fact, I eventually got rid of all of my other running socks!
Randy Lyle
I am an experienced marathon runner and sweat an extreme amount in comparison to others. My issue is that my socks get heavy from retaining sweat and moisture while training on long runs and marathons. My close friend sent me pair of Swiftwick socks for Christmas and I have worn them for 2 marathons and numerous 18-22 mile runs since. I have not experience any issues. My feet are soft and dry at the end of each run and I have not had to wring out my socks after. I have tried Thorlo, Balega, and many other brands with no such success. Thank you.
Lonnie Kaye
I was given a pair of Swiftwick socks to try out when I bought a pair of shoes at my local running store and I will never wear "regular" socks again. My feet feel great and remain blister free mile after mile. I don't know what you guys and gals have done, but there's no reason why anyone should be wearing socks other than Swiftwicks.
Justin Cantoni
I work at the Pentagon and in the winter we end up doing a lot of indoor exercising. For spin class there isn't the normal breeze one would get while cycling so I was ending up with a lot of sweat on my feet/shoes. My Swiftwick ultrathin’s really help keep my feet dry and foot issues to a minimum. Thanks!
David Gercken
Going into the Ragnar my Achilles tendon was inflamed, I was concerned because in my training the longest distance I could run was 6 miles and my first leg was 9 miles. At the Ragnar Expo, I talked with the Swiftwick team and decided to give them a try. I finished my leg in a good time running the whole distance. The Swiftwick compression sock supported my Achilles and calf, enabling me to run all three legs and contribute to a great team experience.
Tim Garnto
I am extremely impressed with the compression capabilities of the Swiftwick socks. I just come off of a 6-week break from a stress fracture and jumped right back in to 7 straight days of race (Pikes Peak Ascent followed by the 6-day stage race known as the Gore-Tex Trans Rockies Run). I wore the Swiftwick twelve and podium socks pretty much the whole week. They helped to reduce soreness, increase recovery time and keep me running hard day after day. By far the best socks I have ever pulled on in my life.
Pedro Maksimow
Mountain Runner/Cross Country/Ultra Runner/Adventure Racer
6 course records in 2011
Love, love, love them! Make my runs so much more enjoyable and comfortable. I have really bad ankles and the extra bit of support they give my feet make all the difference!
Becky Dickens
I bought a pair of Swiftwicks for my first marathon (2011 Outer Banks, NC) in eight years. Swiftwick socks combined with compression stockings helped me not only run a 3:57 (smoking fast for me, and 50 minutes faster than my previous marathon), but also recover surprisingly quickly. By that evening I was chasing my two year old around, and by the next day I felt almost back to "normal". I truly believe that Swiftwick socks contributed to my recovery, and to my running the marathon blister-free (another first for me). Thanks for making great socks!
Heath Scott
The first time I ran with Swiftwick socks it was an amazing feeling! They wicked away the excess moisture and made the run really comfortable! They are great!
Mark Kenmuir
Your socks really have the right amount of compression and wickability. You just don't have to worry about your feet while wearing Swiftwicks.
Rhonda M Riley
Coach of the Vanderbilt Women’s Cross Country Team
I’m really liking the Aspire line of socks. Is so interesting that I have favorite socks for different usages. When training I’m still a fan of the performance line because of the support to the arches, top of the foot and ankle. They remind me of a lightweight elastic ankle support brace. When traveling on long trips and international flights the wool 12” are heavenly. When going about my non training day to day activities the aspire line is definitely sleek and cool footwear.
Kenta Bell
Olympic Track & Field Runner Up
2003 & 2010 USA Outdoor Champion
Learn More about Kenta Bell
The Aspires have been awesome in competition. My feet don't get hot from too much material, sweat is wicked away from my foot but not absorbed by the sock to make it heavy, and the one inch just stays in place. The main reason though is because every time I've had them on in competition I don't even know it. I never have to think about my socks slipping, bunching, or creating blisters.
Max King
Your socks really have the right amount of compression and wickability. You just don't have to worry about your feet while wearing Swiftwicks.
Nick Lewis
Dear Swiftwick, Over the Last 8 months, I have completed two 200 mile relays (bourbon Chase & Ragnar Ten), 1:30 half marathon (big hit half), 3 marathons (las vegas, Birmingham, and KY Derby) and a 6oK Trail ultra . Birmingham and KY where both Boston Qualifiers within 3 months of each other having squeezed the 6o k in middle. I started wearing your socks last September when I bought a pair at Ragnar Tennessee booth. Since then, that's all I wear! Really that’s it! I even wear black Aspire 2's as dress socks! I have spent allot of money on socks over the years and tired every brand you can think of, Swiftwick cannot be beat! Wet, Dry, hot or cold the performance is superior. This fall when I am running Air Force Marathon, New York Marathon and Memphis Marathon, I will be wearing Swiftwick on my feet! Thanks for such a wonderful product.
Tom Block
Love the feel and have been blister free ever since I started wearing them. I love the Performance 4 for trail running as they keep grit from getting into my sock and down to my ankles!
Paul Kiefer
I run all my 5k races in Swiftwicks! My team runs with white 12 Aspire socks in all of our muddy races. Thanks for the amazing socks!
James Ross
The thing that has impressed me is the functionality and comfort the user gets from these socks and not many people realize this until they put them on. It is an absolute totally different feeling once you have them on. For our industry we deal with standing anywhere from 8-12 hours a day and dealing with both hot and cold climates and your products help combat all of these elements.
Mike DelVisco
I have worn a variety of Swifwick socks and I have never had a complaint about any of them. I run around 85-110 miles a week and with my other socks I would ruin them so quickly because they weren't durable. With the Swiftwick sock they have lasted me a while. They also feel great during my runs. With other socks I would feel them slide around a bit, but not with these. I will be buying more Swiftwicks to replace all of my other brands of socks.
After trying Swiftwick socks at the recommendation of a friend, I found that these socks fit like a glove! They form to the fit and don't slip around. The moisture wicking technology is second to none and the socks kept my feet dry and cool!
Timothy Sherman
Got a pair of 4's for cycling... loved them... got two more... love them more... only wear 4's and nothing else. No other sock feels as good or performs as well. Started running in them... love them for running too... thanks for making such a great product.
Chris Ownby
I kept getting blisters from running so I went to a running store to find out what socks they recommended to help. All the employees HIGHLY recommended the Swiftwick socks. I couldn't believe that such thin socks would actually work. After my first run with them, I fell in LOVE! My feet did not get hot, I did not get any blisters. I have recommended these socks over and over now. I can't run in anything else!
Aurea Nicolet
I have been a fan of Swiftwick socks for several years. I began using them for running, but after realizing how great they were I began using them as an everyday sock. I wear them with all types of footwear, from athletic shoes to western boots. I tell all my friends that they should be using them too. There are a lot of choices but none better than Swiftwick. You have a customer for life with me.
Noland Cummins