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Being Outdoorsy in the City

There is a common misconception that you can’t enjoy the fresh outdoors when living city life. Sure, cities may not provide an extremely accessible outlet ...

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Favorite Ways to Match Your Running Gear to Your Socks

Socks are no longer just a part of performance; they are becoming an important fashion statement as well in the athletic world. We know buying ...

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What story do your socks tell? Angel Adrian's socks tell an important one..

For people who say they're just socks, then perhaps they've never taken time to really dig into why they bought the socks in the first ...

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Where do you go mentally for inspiration to finish the race?

Preparing for a race can physically take a lot out of you, but most athletes would argue it can take even more mentally. Whether you're ...

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Danny Summerhill of Team Maxxis Shimano Cyclocross shares how he feels about his Swiftwicks!

  Watch Danny Summerhill of Team Maxxis Shimano Cyclocross express how he feels about Swiftwicks, which line is his favorite and how they help him! See below:

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Swiftwick chases adventure at the 2016 Red Bull Rampage

Several members of Team Swiftwick embarked on a dream adventure as they traveled to Virgin, Utah, for the Red Bull Rampage on a beautiful fall ...

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Interview with Team Maxxis Shimano Cyclocross' Danny Summerhill

Danny Summerhill of Team Maxxis Shimano Cyclocross discusses training, being a part of the Maxxis Shimano team and Cross Vegas! Watch below:

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New York Marathon has some of the best signs...

Competitor Magazine recently posted a great story about how to run your best at this year's New York Marathon and it had us thinking about ...

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Triathlete Dominic Bernardo doesn't let wet feet stop him at #IMKONA

Wet feet are a part of competing in triathlons, but  Dominic Bernardo, a triathlete that has made headlines by accompanying Michael Somsan on his races. Somsan is an ...

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Have you heard of the Festival des Templiers race in France?

Competitive races are just a part of Swiftwick athlete Max King's resume. That's just how it goes. And that resume includes some of the industry's ...

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