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Name the Amputee Sock, Win Big Prize Pack!

Swiftwick's New Amputee Sock

Submit the winning name for Swiftwick's new amputee sock and win a big prize pack!

Swiftwick is not far from the release of our brand new sock specifically designed for amputees and we want your input!

We want to involve you in the development process by asking you to submit creative names for the new amputee sock that wicks moisture and sweat buildup inside the prosthesis better than anything else on the planet.

Our current sock lines are: PERFORMANCE, PURSUIT, PULSE, VISION and VIBE. If you submit the winning name you will win a prize pack loaded with Swiftwick socks, arm sleeves, shirt, as well as other goodies from some of our amazing partners.

Submit your suggestions to our Facebook page at:

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7 Responses to Name the Amputee Sock, Win Big Prize Pack!

  1. David Perreault says:

    RE: Name the Amputee Sock, Win Big Prize Pack!

    I suggest ProAmp, or AmpPro



  2. Resistance 
    Shift (based on this development being referred to as a paradigm shift… Which, is really part of the spirit of Swiftwick anyway)
    Whip (as in, I’ll whip your ass regardless)
    Valor (… In the battle against your own adversity) 
    Crux (this could be almost literal)

    Whips is my favorite. “hey, hand me my whips, I’m goin for a run.”

  3. Cuban Sebastian says:

    My suggestions:
    3)Rising Star-socks

  4. Karen Dockery says:

    All I can say is ‘THIS IS INCREDIBLE’! First, kudos to the amputee you have on staff who helped develop these-BRILLIANT. (My husband is a recent amputee.) Second, many heartfelt thanks to those at your company who had the vision to address this problem and meet this huge need (Go Tennessee!). I can easily understand how these socks can help prevent countless adjustments to sockets, abrasions and even surgical ‘revisions’. The moisture problem has been one of the absolute hardest to overcome. Third, I don’t care what you name them, we just want them.

  5. Judith Loebel says:

    Seriously guys—-You already HAVE the perfect name right ON the sox!!!!!!

    Just call it the SWIFT and everyone will get the message that this sock makes you faster and better at running or walking or any other sport.

    And using a lovely bird—there is such a thing as a Swift bird BTW—wouldn’t hurt the image any either. LBK

  6. Phil w says:


  7. swiftblog says:

    Thanks for submitting your idea. We have already named this awesome line VALOR. Check it out here:

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