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5 things you should never do before a ride

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Being prepared for a ride is important. But preparation is about more than what you should do- it’s also about what you shouldn’t do. Bicycling Magazine gives five things you should stop doing before a ride, immediately. 

1. Eating foods high in fat and fiber

Your pre-ride fuel should be a good source of energy that breaks down quickly. Fat and fiber don’t qualify. “High-fiber foods, such as salads or large portions of non-starchy vegetables, take a while to digest and therefore stay in the stomach longer,” says Barbara Lewin, RD, owner of The same goes for foods with high fat content.

2. Chugging lots of water

Water, obviously, is necessary, but the “everything in moderation” rule applies. If you haven’t had much water leading up to your ride, you might be tempted to make up for it by downing a full glass or two. That’s not a good idea. Your stomach and liver can only process so much water at once. Drink too much, and it will just slosh around in your stomach and have you stopping for a bathroom break early and often.

3. Leaving without checking your gear

Twenty minutes into a day-long ride is not a good time to realize your brakes are loose. Do a quick check before you head out. Make sure your chain spins smoothly, your wheels don’t wobble, and your brakes work well. 

Read the rest of the list from Bicycling.


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