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Kurt Searvogel breaks the year mileage record with over 75,065 miles

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Kurt Searvogel, 52, a software developer and ultra cyclist from Sheridan, Arkansas, set out to break a world record on January 10 of 2015. His goal was to break the current record of most miles biked in one year. The current record holder was a vegetarian delivery boy from Britain named Tommy Godwin. Aboard a three-speed Raleigh bicycle in 1939, Godwin rode 75,065-miles, an average of 205 miles per day, in a calendar year. This cumulative distance is equal to three times the circumference of the earth. Godwin bested all current records by over 10,000 miles.

77 years later, Kurt Searvogel broke Godwin’s record.

Searvogel’s motivation, strength, and challenges make for one incredible story.

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