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Proposed Missouri law would require all bikes to sport 15-foot flag

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Two years ago, Missouri state legislator Jay Houghton co-sponsored a bill that would have banned bikes from state highways. The bill failed, but Houghton is back at it with an equally nutty anti-bike measure.

The new bill, Missouri House Bill 2046, would amend Missouri state law to require every bicycle “operating upon a lettered county road” to be equipped with a fluorescent orange flag “suspended not less than 15 feet above the roadway.”

If you’re wondering just how tall 15 feet is, Saint Louis Bicycle Works tweeted a photo to give us a clearer picture.

Read more about the bill here.

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January 15, 2016 12:07 PM

Why don’t they add some training wheels and fuzzy dice hanging off the handle bars for good measure?

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