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What happens when you combine golf and a bike?

Photo by Michael Schwartz

Photo by Michael Schwartz

For those that enjoy bike rides and golf, the golf bike may be your solution to the best of both worlds. But what are golf bikes you ask?

In an article from Richmond Business, they explain:

The bikes are part of a trend across the golf industry that has course owners getting creative to attract more players, particularly millennials. The game has suffered as people have turned away from the time and cost associated with an 18-hole outing.

Breed said the goal is to find alternatives that are cheaper, faster and more fun.

“The golf bikes touch all of those,” Breed said. “The sport has to change. We’ve got to be doing different things to appeal to that next generation of golfers. They want to play quickly. They’re interested in having a great experience.”

What are your thoughts on this innovative bike?

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