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Why do you cycle?

Swiftwick Athlete, Pro BMX Rider, Corey Martinez

Swiftwick Athlete, Pro BMX Rider: Corey Martinez

For some, a bike ride signifies moments that you can escape.  Escape for the mundane lifestyle that often constricts our feeling of freedom. Putting a leg over a bike can represent the thrill of what it’s like to truly chase adventure. 

For others, being a cyclist is a way of life. It’s as second nature as breathing. Whether you’re laying it all on the line as you prepare for your next race, trying to perfect your feeble grind, striving to improve your cadence or planning your next long distance ride, being on a bike tells your story. It’s not why you chase adventure, but rather how you chase adventure. 

We want to know, why do YOU cycle?

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Steve Richards

I commute to work by bike 7 miles each way. Sometimes throw in some extra miles if I have time. I love keeping my car at home and feeling great when I get to work. And swiftwick socks are fantastic!

Alexandra Robin
I’m fifty-four, commute five miles to work and twenty-two miles home on my bike. Sometimes my marvelous beau rides half-way towards me in the afternoons to meet me for that ride home. I ride because the best people I know along with my beau are those who ride with our two groups on Saturdays (40+ miles) and Sundays (26+ miles) and that community of people is those with whom I thrive. I ride the insane distance (my first double and The Death Ride this last season) because there’s no other feeling than accomplishing such feats. And I am completely honest… Read more »
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