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ClassPass Data Reveals Breakdown of U.S. Fitness Trends


ClassPass, a monthly fitness subscription service, released data highlighting regional fitness trends throughout the United States using information from their subscribers. Their findings include the most popular workout in 29 cities (as demonstrated in the image) and specific fitness facts about cities and regions. Here are a few interesting facts found in the study:

                – New Yorkers are the most adventurous. They take an average of 35 different classes a year.

                – The Southeast prefers working out in the morning around 6:00 am while the Northeast prefers working out in the evening around 6:30 pm.

                – Tuesday is the most popular day of the week to workout—yes, really.

                – Austin books the most lunchtime classes. They booked more classes at noon than any other U.S. city

                – Orlando users are the most frequent travelers. 68% of Orlando users booked a class in another city.

                – Miami books the most last minute classes. 57% of users book the same day.

Written by: Jade Spilka

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