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Post by: Savana Hodge.
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Exercise. It’s an investment. 

As children we are taught to go to school to learn so each year we can progress, grow. and advance as individuals. We were investing in ourselves so we could impact our futures. Why would this concept change once we are “grown up”?

Running, biking, hiking, barre, pilates, yoga, spin class, boxing and the many many others that could be listed as exercise all mean something different to each of us. When I think of running, I think of my time, my mental escape and the one time during my day that is fully devoted to me.

However, on the other end of the spectrum, when I think of a spin class, I count down the minutes until it is over, and if I have to “tap my seat” one more time, I might just fall of this bike. While neither of these exercises may be for you, you probably have one that you enjoy more that allows you to focus on you and to focus on that very moment.

We are constantly reading about different exercises and diets or to look this way or to try this exercise it will help you lose 10 pounds. But what I don’t think we read enough of is how we are investing in ourselves, and that is such an incredible thing. Each time we exercise, we are making a conscious decision to go to the gym, head outside or walk into an exercise class. We are investing in ourselves because we want to be the best version of ourselves. Sure, our end goals of exercising may be different. It could be to put balance in your life, weight loss or that it makes you so incredibly happy. But whatever it is you are investing in the present to impact your future.

Exercise. It’s an investment.

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