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10 things not to say to a runner

Angry runner

Some people don’t get it. Some people don’t like it. Whatever the case, there are just some things you just shouldn’t say to runners unless you want an eye roll and an unfollow on Facebook. To help non-runners avoid offending their running friends, here’s a list of comments that runners just don’t want to hear.

1. OMG!? What happened to your toenails?!


Nothing to see here. Stop staring. That is just standard operating procedure.

2. “When is your next race?”
     “____ marathon.”
     “Oh, how many miles is that one?”


They are all 26.2…

3. Why do you wear those tall socks?

Sheldon_talk to the hand

It’s really not even worth getting into.

4. Have you ever had to “go” when you run so long?

Nature lover

Who wouldn’t? The forest is your friend.

5. Airport security: “Why do you have a whole bag full of lacrosse balls, rubber bands, and a huge tube (foam roller)?”


Runner packing. Enough said.

6. “You’re getting up at what time?!”

Spongebob tired

Yes, I wake up early to run. Yes, I’m tired, but I do it anyway.

7. So you can eat whatever you want, right?


No, I would not suggest eating ice cream before an 8 mile run…

8. Oh my gosh, are you legs like huge now?

Jim Halpert

Yes, they’re more muscular. But thanks for making me feel weird and self-conscious.

9. Isn’t all that running bad for your knees?


Maybe, but isn’t all that being lazy bad for your back?

10. You’re feet kind of look disgusting…

What are you looking at

Didn’t your momma ever tell you? If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

BONUS: Running in cotton socks is fine!

You are so dumb

Only if you enjoy blisters and sweaty, smelly socks!

What other ridiculous things are you tired of hearing?
Comment below!

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One Response to 10 things not to say to a runner

  1. Mark says:

    If #1 and #10 are happening…you are wearing the wrong shoes, use wider and bigger shoes. And if #9 ever happens, your form is wrong, running doesn’t hurt the knees, it can actually strengthen them. All others are completely on point! Especially the Bonus!! Wear Swiftwick, they treat your feet sweet! Well done!

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