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How to be a better runner without running more

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It’s racing season. We’re all looking to hit our new PR. We need something to push us over that edge.

Enter plyometrics.

Plyometric moves like squat jumps and single-leg hops build explosive power that makes you a speedier runner, according to new research in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Every time your foot pushes off the ground, your legs release energy to power you forward. Plyometrics strengthens muscles and recruits new ones to make your legs more efficient during that process.

According to new research in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, plyometrics improve runners’ times and speed. In the study, athletes did plyometrics three times a week. After 14 days, the participants’ ground contact time (how many milliseconds their feet spent on the ground per step) decreased significantly, resulting in more frequent strides and a faster pace (they shaved 2.1 percent off their sprint times).

Check out the workouts here.

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