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Run Safety Tips


November is National Running Safety Month. While it is always important to stay safe during any run, we here at Swiftwick decided to highlight runner’s safety this November. Here are five tips on how to stay safe while you run.

  1. Use the buddy system.

There’s safety in numbers. Choose a friend or two to run with. This will make your run both safer and more fun.

  1. Tell someone where you are running.

Leave a note or a text message letting someone know where you will be running. This is important when doing any activity, especially running.

  1. Do not run with earphones.

This is a tough tip to follow because music makes any workout so much better, but safety comes first. Music is distracting, and when we dull our senses, we are less likely to react quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation.

  1. Pretend you’re invisible.

Don’t assume drivers see you. Instead be as cautious as possible when in close proximity to traffic. Pretend you are invisible and the drivers can’t see you, as we know that some truly don’t, and then make safety decisions that align with that thought.

  1. Make sure you are seen.

Wear brightly colored, high visibility clothing. The Swiftwick Aspire Four Hi-Vis Yellow socks are a great choice for any runner who is concerned with safety

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