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Running doesn’t define me- it refines me

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Swiftwick had the honor of attending the Runner’s World Getaway as a sponsor this year. The event boasted a variety of opportunities to connect runners of all levels. So often runners find themselves grouped into categories based on their current running ability. An unconscious label that ultimately can create a mental block on what the definition of our ability as a runner means.

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Former Olympian Deena Kastor

Deena Kastor, U.S. bronze medalist in long distance, was a speaker at this unforgettable event. On paper, Deena is a woman whose feats and accolades seem to only relate to those labeled as elite runners. That is… until she spoke.

She managed to connect us all by explaining that running doesn’t define us- it refines us. It allows us to find freedom in our abilities by forming a mental connection with the physical trials. It is through these trials we ultimately find out that the label we’ve been given is nothing but another obstacle for us to overcome. It is by gaining a true understanding of what it means to be refined by running that we open the mental gates to continue to push through the levels. This immediately resonated with the core of my running and gave me the empowerment needed to pursue my personal best.

At Swiftwick, we are reminded to do what moves us and how truly inspiring that what moves us is often what refines us.

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