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This jogging stroller could be revolutionary

Jogging stroller

Kids are already a pretty fantastic workout since they require constant attention, but if you find your fitness routine hindered by having to deal with a cumbersome stroller, you’ll probably want to check out KidRunner. This coming-soon stroller comes with an attached waist harness that allows you to pull your stroller instead of push.

This new stroller is designed to accommodate kids from six months to four or five years old, or up to 45 pounds. One of the coolest parts? It weighs no more than 20 pounds and collapses into a backpack for easy transportation and storage. Bye bye mini vans; they are no longer necessary to transport your stroller.

KidRunner has good news for cycling parents too. According to their website, a bike attachment is on the way.

If you’re still skeptical, ask a pro runner! Swiftwick athlete and world champion runner Max King competed in and even won the Bigfoot 10k last September with his two year old daughter Hazel safely in tow.

Kidrunner is is now accepting pre-orders on its website, with expected delivery this winter. They are expected to sell for $1,200. 

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October 10, 2015 11:00 AM

Bounces around all over the place, needs another dampened joint!

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