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#BackToSchool Poems by Swiftwick

Chalkboard 2

It’s now the end of July,
August is approaching and looming.
The kids are preparing to go back to school,
They really need socks that are booming.

Even if you’re not in school,
And your learning days are long gone,
You never realized how handy your school subjects would be
When you need to get your sock game going on.

FOUR Science

Use SCIENCE while biking
It’s more useful than you’d think.
Fuel your body properly,
Keep all the elements in sync.

Be sure to eat healthy,
and drink lots of water.
Make sure you stay hydrated,
the weather’s getting hotter!

The ASPIRE FOUR supports your biking adventures
No matter where they take you.
Through trails and races and triathlons,
#beSwift in all and everything you do!

ASPIRE ONE geography

Run around the world,

See each and every state.
Run through valleys and mountains,
running is truly your fate.

Accomplish this all in the ASPIRE ONE!
Learning your GEOGRAPHY
has never been more fun.

Zero math

Use MATH while ultrarunning.
Calculate your PR, count each mile as you go.
The ASPIRE ZERO is the perfect no-show!

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