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Stars and stripes and socks

Stars and stripes don’t just represent shapes to Americans. Through good times and bad times in American history, stars and stripes have come together to create a symbol of hope. A symbol of bravery. A symbol of pride.

Flag Day isn’t typically a widely-celebrated holiday, but it commemorates a very important event in our country’s history. June 14th celebrates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened on this day in 1777. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson established the holiday of Flag Day, and in 1949, Congress declared that Flag Day, on June 14, would be a national holiday. Did you know- since the flag was first created, it has been changed 27 times to accommodate for the addition of new states.

For those of you who didn’t forget about Flag Day, we salute you! 

American PrideHere at Swiftwick, we are celebrating Flag Day in a big way. To show our stars and stripes pride, we are launching our newest sock- American Pride! American Pride is our newest, exclusive sock from our VISION line. It comes in a FIVE inch cuff height and is the perfect sock for our next upcoming all-American holiday- Independence Day!

This sock is available at participating stores around the United States. Show your community pride by shopping local!

Find a dealer near you to start showing your American Pride! Stores that are carrying American Pride will be marked with *American Pride under their contact information.


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20 Responses to Stars and stripes and socks

  1. Eric Patnode says:

    I would buy these in a second but I can’t find them at any of my local stores in the Tampa, FL area.
    I need these for IM 70.3 World Championships in Austria…represent the USA.

    • Hey Eric!
      To make finding this sock easier on our awesome customers like you, we just enabled a new feature on our dealer locator that will indicate which stores are carrying the American Pride sock. If you go to our locator page and type in your address or zip code, our locator will pull up stores local to you that carry Swiftwicks. If the store is carrying the American Pride sock, it will list “*American Pride” under the store’s contact information. Good luck at the Ironman World Championships! That’s an amazing accomplishment. Keep us updated on your results! We’ll be cheering for you!
      If you’re interested in any other all-American socks, we also carry a Lady Liberty sock and a USA sock.
      Thanks for being a part of the Swiftwick family! Please let me know if I can assist your further.

  2. Rachel Parrish says:

    Not sure where you live Matt, but they’re available at West Stride here in Atlanta. I bought 2 pair this past Saturday, and they had all sizes available. Not sure who else has them in town though.

  3. Noel Trask says:

    Guys, you have to get these on your website, please!!

    • Hi Noel!
      Right now, this sock is only available at local stores. We chose to sell this sock to our dealers first to support shopping local and local communities- that’s what America’s all about, right? However, if you’re still interested in this sock, we just added a new feature to make finding American Pride easier. Our dealer locator will now indicate which stores are specifically carrying American Pride. Visit our dealer locator page, type in your address or zip code, and stores local that carry Swiftwick will appear in the search results. Stores who currently carry the American Pride will be marked “*American Pride” under the store’s contact information.
      Let me know if I can assist you further. We’re so glad you like this sock!

  4. David DiBella says:

    I would have loved a pair of the Stars and Stripes socks too. I did buy Lady Liberty and will wear those on the appropriate holidays. May I suggest you make Stars and Stripes a sock of the month again or just a special order sock but do it in an off month giving us plenty of time to order and receive for the 4th of July. I will be buying several pairs for gifts, a total no brainer for my athletic, patriotic friends and family.–Dave

    • Hey David!
      We are thrilled to hear that you loved both the American Pride and Lady Liberty sock! Right now, the American Pride is only available at participating stores. We chose to make the American Pride sock available to our dealers first to promote shopping local and helping your local community. This sock ended up being so popular that our dealers bought every single one of our socks. I wasn’t even able to score one for myself! However, we just enabled a new function on our dealer locator that will specifically let you know if a store is carrying the American Pride sock. Just head to and type in your address or zip code. Stores that are carrying American Pride will be noted with “*American Pride” under their contact information.
      Thank you so much for being a Swiftwick customer. We truly appreciate your business!

  5. Matt Braley says:

    I want a pair of the American Pride socks for a 5k I’m running this weekend. Don’t see them at any local vendors. How can I buy and get shipped to me in time for the race?

    • Hey Matt! I’m so sorry you were not able to find one at your local dealer. Unfortunately, that particular sock is not on our site at this time. However, another all-American sock that is available for ordering online right now is the Lady Liberty sock. If you’re interested, check it out here: I’m very sorry about this inconvenience. If you would like me to double check for the American Pride sock at dealers near you, I would be happy to run a report and see exactly who carries it in your area. Please let me know if I can assist you further!

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