Mackenzie Madison

Mackenzie Madison

Mackenzie is a professional triathlete and coach in Eugene, Oregon. She trains in the foothills of scenic mountains to trails along the beautiful McKenzie River of the Willamette National Forest. Besides running, Oregon is also one of the biggest cycling meccas around, providing more than enough roads to cover along with an extreme variety. It’s safe to say that the West Coast is this native Iowan’s playground and new home.

Mackenzie is also an accomplished student of the sport. With her master’s in exercise physiology from the University of Oregon and her bachelor’s in kinesiology and minor in coaching from Iowa State University, she is truly one of triathlon’s young and quickly rising competitors. Mackenzie has been able to use her knowledge and physical resources to take her to the next level. Starting out as a Division I runner in college for Iowa State University, she quickly found her passion in the multisport community. She too went from finishing a triathlon, to competing and learning the ropes of what it takes to be a successful athlete. Along her athletic journey, she wants to continue to learn and help others achieve their goals while sharing the passion for triathlon for the many successful years to come. And have a blast along the way.

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