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I was in the Thunder Rolls Adventure Race. We had just cleared the course and were headed back to the finish line when I was hit by a car while riding my bike. My helmet saved my life in that one. I was put on a backboard and taken to the local hospital by ambulance. Of course they had to do a full check for injuries. I went through a full exam, including a full-body CT scan. Through all of this I was still wearing my Swiftwick socks. After the CT scan, the nurse wanted to get my socks off. They were wet and probably smelled bad after nearly 24 hours of racing. She wanted to cut them off, since they were compression socks and didn't just slip right off. I told her "no way". Those are my favorite racing socks. I'm happy to say she got them off without using scissors and I made it through the accident with no broken bones, only road rash and bruises. I still have those socks and plan on wearing them again in another adventure race. Thanks for making a great sock for running, riding and adventure racing.
Dave Whittekiend
Adventure Racer
Car Crash Survivor
Adventure racing is a new kind of nightmare when it comes to equipment functionality. Knowing your feet will experience long distances of on and off road running, mountain biking, bushwhacking, creek crossing, mud surfing and so on you have to know that you are placing their care in only the best product. A product that provides cushion and support, moisture control and breath ability can and does often make the difference between winning or not. Knowing that not, is really not an option making a good choice when it comes to socks is key. I honestly didn’t really comprehend this until 20 hours into 2011 Check Point Tracker Adventure Racing National Championships. There is very little you can control during an adventure race but one thing you can is your equipment. When it comes to socks and protecting my feet I trust Swiftwick.
Micah Kohles
Adventure Racer
If I had to choose one and only one article of clothing to wear, it would be my Swiftwick socks.
Gunnar Shogren
Mountain Biker
With the long term impact on joints for a competitive disc golf player, I have come to rely on the Swiftwick PURSUIT line FOUR merino wool socks during my rounds on the courses. Having rolled my left ankle so many times in competition, usually on the follow through of my back hand right hand drives, I love the compression support around the ankle, as much as the pure comfort of the sock while walking the various terrains encompassed by disc golf courses
HB Clark
Disc Golf enthusiast & Course Design Engineer