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I finally got a chance to use the Aspire Twelve compression sock. At my last race the water was too warm for wetsuits and wearing compression sleeves were not allowed during the swim; which meant taking the time put on the compression sleeve and socks. Luckily I had just purchased a pair of Aspire Twelve socks. I decided to shave some time by going with the full compression sock. Work great!
Guy Sigley

After 6 years competing in long distance triathlon I feel like I know socks, so recently when my husband surprised me with 3 pairs of Swiftwick's Vibe socks. Without a doubt the best socks I have ever worn. I have recently transitioned to trail/mountain running and have been training for the Gore-Tex Transalpine Run. Last weekend I did a 21.1km mountain run through the rain and mud with no issues to my feet! No blisters or hot spots and, although, I knew my feet were wet I had no issues continuing on the run in comfort.
Cat Young
I was a sworn SmartWool guy (they were all I wore), until I picked up a pair of PURSUIT FOUR Compression socks on a whim while in a bike shop. The next day I tried them out and the instant I tried them on I was in love. What a great feeling! What a great sock. My feet felt great afterwards and I didn't get any hot spots during the ride (36 miler). Now I'm going to have to try them out on a run!
Adam Rice
These socks are my solution. I get chronic blisters which are eliminated by these bad boys. I also have one really long toe. Haha! My big toe is so much bigger than the other lil guys! I ALWAYS blow a big hole through the tip of the sock. Problem solved. Swiftwicks = no toe blow.
Elizabeth Kaplanis
Entered Leadville 100 Mtn Bike race in 2011 and was worried about coming from low level elevation to 10k ft to race. Racing was a concern, yet so was comfort on a 11hr mountain bike ride. Finished race and "buckled" and the Swiftwick 7's held up perfectly! What impressed me most was the sock stayed put...never did it sag, yet when I had to climb Powerline, the sock did not induce blisters as most other racers incurred. After the race, I then slipped into the Swiftwick 12's for the plane ride home to help promote blood flow. Swiftwicks are now a staple of my sock drawer for Triathlons, hiking, golf and cycling. Thank you!
Steve Thomas
Ordered 6 pairs of the ASPIRE ONES and LOVE THEM. They are extremely comfortable and dry! Will never even entertain the thought of getting any other type of performance socks!
Benjamin Kang
Bought my first pair of Swiftwick socks (zero) after no being satisfied with other brands. These socks rock and I will now be purchasing more in the future.
Mark Davis
Love, love these socks! I can get them on so easy, not a struggle like my other "good" bike socks. My feet dry quickly and I have never had any squishy toes during my run during tri's. I'll have to wash often so I can always have my Swiftwick socks available.
Anne Hilleman
Gilbert Tang
I got my first pair of swiftwicks three years ago amongst an assortment of other running socks. They stood out as by far the best in that group of socks. At the time I received them I was training for my first Half Ironman. Here we are three years later and in my drawer of running socks all I own is swiftwick. I still run probably once a week in the original pair of swiftwicks I got. Great socks! Long Lasting! Yet to find anything better!
Ed Maxwell
The first time I got a pair of Swiftwicks I must sadly admit I got them because, well, Lance wears them. And they were in my team colors. I quickly discovered though that these WERE the best socks around and so I got 4 more pair (from Lance). After 2 years of Ironman training, I can now proudly say I don't care that much about the Lance-factor anymore, and much more that these great socks got me through eons and eons of bike and run training and still look as good as new. Thanks!
Carissa Conlee
Love, love, love these socks. Fabrics always feel great. Even when I am wet from sweating from a run or bike ride, they do their thing - perform.
Carissa Conlee
Love the socks. blister free and feels like second skin. Great stuff.
Peter Lester
I was on a business trip to Washington D.C. and bought a pair from a local running store. Love them for running but I wear them cycling as well. Training for full distance Ironmans I go through a lot of socks but prefer yours the best!
Patrick Rose
The Swiftwick size 12 were given to me as a sample from Chris Urban. Last year he was trying to get my store, Run In, to carry the brand. I wore the socks during my Ironman triathlon training and found there was excellent use for them in both cycling and running. We have finally started to carry the socks and are excited by it!
John Bruno