Who’s Wearing Wicks?

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Max King

Victories: 4 x Xterra Trail Run National Champ (08,09,10,11) 3 x Xterra Trail Run World Champion (08,09,10,11) 2 x Transrockies Stage Race Winner (08,10) 3 x USATF Trail Marathon Champion (09,10,11) USATF Trail Half marathon Champion (2010) 2011 USATF 50k Trail Run Champion, 2011 World Mountain Running Champion, 2009 American River 50 miler..and many many more 50k race wins from 08-11.

Favorite Post Race Beverage: You know it should probably be Hammer Recoverite but sometimes chocolate milk is killer right after a race.

Things in life I suck at: Ball sports, that's why I run.

Why you like the socks in competition: The Aspires have been awesome in competition. My feet don't get hot from too much material, sweat is wicked away from my foot but not absorbed by the sock to make it heavy, and the one inch just stays in place. The main reason though is because every time I've had them on in competition I don't even know it. I never have to think about my socks slipping, bunching, or creating blisters.

Photo Gallery:

Favorite Swiftwick Sock: Aspire One - Hands down.