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I am wearing old wool socks right now. While I do love wool, the only reason that I am not wearing my only pair of Swiftwicks is because I have worn them for days, and figured that I should take them off eventually, and give them a good washing. My feet are currently cold and wet, because I am without my Swiftwicks and don't own a washer or dryer. I am near to filling up the sink and scrubbing them with Dawn dish detergent. Is this ok?
Kyle Phillips
Excellent socks! I'm replacing all my smartwool with swiftwick.
Bert A. Hartman
Commuting to DC in the morning (downhill) in 20 degree weather was turning my toes into toe-cicles. Having tried, toe covers, plastic bags, and thick winter ski socks, none worked. In fact the ski socks were the most disappointing. I talked to my LBS and they recommended Swiftwick socks. I tried them the next day in low 20's weather and the difference was amazing. I credit the Swiftwick compression design and merino wool for being the warmest socks I own. For summer time, I purchased your aspire socks. These socks kept my feet cool and dry on the worst DC summer days. Thanks for creating a great product!
Rick Fulgencio