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Made in the USA.

We are proud to craft 100% of our socks in the United States.  This is an important commitment we make to our customers and our local communities.  Beyond a marketing slogan, being Made in the USA is an important part of making the best socks you will ever wear.

Factory showing Swiftwick is made in America

Swiftwick takes pride in the skill of American craftsmanship and are commited to being Made in the USA.


We believe the best way to produce quality socks is to make them at home, with American workers. Domestic manufacturing allows us to be more involved in day-to-day production and quality control.


When 97% of the US textile industry went overseas, the remaining cottage industry represented the best of the best – people and companies developing cutting edge fibers, production methods, and products. As partners in the US textile industry, we have access to these technologies that would be impossible outsourcing to an overseas contract manufacturer.


Perhaps the most rewarding element of our commitment to being Made in the USA is the impact on our local community. We help create jobs directly and indirectly throughout our domestic supply chain. Best of all, we get to know the people involved in our product from start to finish.


Being Made in USA enables our commitment to sustainability. Domestic production affords us tighter control of raw materials and responsible production methods. Perhaps most important is the enormous reduction in garment miles, the investment in transportation resources required to get our socks to the store and ultimately to you.

Knitted in the heart of the United States.



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