5 Myths About Running Socks

By June 15, 2017Life

We all love our running shoes, but what about our socks? A good pair of socks can be just as helpful as a good pair of running shoes. With the wrong kind of socks, you could get blisters, your feet could get overly sweaty, or they could ride down into your shoe.

To help you run more comfortably, here are 5 Myths About Running Socks to remember:

#1 One style fits all
There is no fast way to figure out which socks is best for you. It is more of a trial and error process, so it will take some experimenting. Remember that every foot and every shoes is different, so try them all and have some fun with it.

#2 Soft in your hand means good for your feet
The first thing most people do when sock shopping is touch and feel to try and find the softest one. Even though cotton can feel great, it is best to stay away from it. You have to dig deeper and check for quality. If you think “the softer the better,” check out our MAXUS™ socks for maximum cushion for comfort and performance.

#3 You’re not a real athlete if you don’t get blisters
Getting blisters does not make you a good athlete. It means you are wearing the wrong kind of shoe or sock. What makes a good athlete is hard work and dedication and you don’t want those annoying little blisters making your job anymore painful. You can check out our ASPIRE™ socks that provide contoured support for running, cycling, triathlon and other endurance sports. All of our Swiftwick socks provide fit and Fiber First™ Moisture Wicking together to create Blister-Free Dry Performance.

#4 You have to run in no-show shocks
This is a matter of preference, but no one is requiring you to run in socks that don’t show. Swiftwick offers no-show, ankle, quarter crew, crew, and knee high socks through our ASPIRE™ and VIBE ™ line, which are all built for running and your daily active wear. If you have a favorite pair of running socks that comes above your ankles, wear them and show them off to the world.

#5 Compression socks are only for the injured
Compression wear can do a lot of good for the injured and fatigue, but it can also benefit all aspects of a workout. It can give you better blood flow during your warm-up, increase endurance during your workout and the increase blood flow can help with post-workout soreness. All of our socks offer Contoured Compression® fit to support every hill and valley of your foot. But, if you have been injured or are feeling fatigue, you can check out our TRAVEL+ socks for graduated compression for recovery and travel.

Swiftwick offers “the best socks you will ever wear, guaranteed.” Learn more here.


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