Carlos Alzate Wins Sprint at Clarendon Cup

By June 14, 2017Bike

The Clarendon Cup took place this past Saturday, June 10th, in Arlington, Virginia. The United Healthcare Pro Cycling team released an article on how their rider, Carlos Alzate, won the sprint in an unusual way.

Alzate dominated the strong field with a solo attack to lap the whole field. In the finishing sprint, Alzate came around John Murphy, of the Holowesko team to take the win. When Alzate was asked about how he managed to dig so deep and how he felt about the day, he responded, “I had great legs today and was happy to not only lap the field but also be in the right place at the right time to win the sprint.”

“There were attacks from the start of the race, but nothing significant until around 15 laps in when Carlos went clear on his own. He quickly built up a sizable gap, and by lap 30 he lapped the field on his own. After that, the guys covered moves, rather than riding on the front, and Carlos even got into a few of the moves.” Rachel Heal, Director of the Men and Women’s UHC team, said.

The UHC teams were overall successful in the other races at the 2017 Armed Forces Cycling Classic, as well. The men put in a solid ride on Sunday’s race, but a crash put Luke Keough and Adrian Hegyvary on the ground during the final stretch.  Sebastian Haedo was still able to finish on the podium in 3rd. The women’s team held top-5 results with Rushlee Buchana finishing 4th on Saturday, and Lauretta Hanson finished 3rd on Sunday.


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