DIVE into NEW Colors, Spring Cycling, Running and Rest Days, Dark Chocolate Dipped Bananas

By March 14, 2017Newsletters
New Colors

Chase Adventure™ on your runs with our NEW colors!

Our Aspire™, Vibe™ and Maxus™ lines now come in even more eye-catching colors to rock on your next work out!


Spring Cycling

It is that time of year when dreaming of hopping in the saddle and hitting the road/trails on your bike is at an all time high. We compiled a great gallery of photos to help motivate you while we wait for spring!

Check out some spring cycling here!

Running and Rest Days

Regular runners should strive to find the right balance between logging miles and taking time off of their feet. If runners do not take the time to recover, they risk losing strength and speed.

Read more about running and rest days!

Dark Chocolate Dipped Banana Bites

Delightfully tempting and extremely delicious is the only way to describe this week’s recipe. Get a boost of potassium from the bananas and enjoy some added flavor from the dark chocolate for a perfect treat!

Get the recipe!


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