When Life Gives You Lemons-Swiftwick Athlete Tere Zacher Gives Some Insightful Advice

By February 28, 2017Run
Tere Zacher

Swiftwick athlete and accomplished runner Tere Zacher has an outstanding blog full of inspiration.  You will find loads of information for any level of runner.


Just take this excerpt from her latest blog, “When Life Gives You Lemons” as an example:

Things are never going to be perfect, there is not the right time or the perfect moment. So if you are waiting for that you should buy a comfy chair to sit and wait. If you really want something go for it, make it happen. create your own opportunities… but also remember that sometimes not getting what we want is the best thing that could have happened to us and if we are open to go on the side roads that life takes us, we may end up to our goal faster or to an even better place.

Read the rest by visiting here.

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  • Shelly Aboagye says:

    Ok i purchaced the sock from a shoe store that claimed these were great for your feet if have diabetes. But looking on your sight nothing is mentioned about being a diabetic sock. So is this true or false.

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