Nathan Miller has been around bikes his whole life. His first memories are on the back of his dad’s bike cruising through the rolling hills of Otisco, NY. He moved to Nantucket Island in the early 80’s, and it pretty much all started there.

Lots of bike commuting on the 14-mile stretch of land and bike racing in his early teens kickstarted his cycling career. But it was the move out West in 2000 where his passion for two wheels took off.

With a background in road racing, mainly consisting of laps around the “Big Loop” of Nantucket and lots of mountain biking, the fit out West was easy. Meeting like minded folk along the way and just getting out to explore nature found Nate pedaling for hours on end.

Now his main focus is endurance mountain bike events. Whether it be 50-100 milers, stage races or 24-hour races, it doesn’t really matter to Nathan. Riding bikes is FUN! Getting out on these long adventures is a great physical and mental challenge and is good for what ever ails you.

Through his love of bikes and 20+ years as a bike mechanic, he has partnered up with some great companies along the way. This has been a big help in the continued effort to promote the FUN aspect. Because without that, why bother? He has recently relocated to the Western Slope of Colorado after 14 years in Park City, UT.

Pedal. Smile. Repeat.

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