Peter Maskimow trail running

My name is Peter Maksimow (pronounced maXimō). Aka “The Prez”, P-Max, Pedro.


Occupation: All Things Running.

Mountain runner, mustached crusader, Inov-8er, beer connoisseur, Kokopelli Kids coach, Head Honcho of Team Colorado, Barr Trail Mountain Race director, male model, American Trail Running Association, tree hugger, perfectionist, award-winning home brewer, free thinker, Enduro Bite’er, faithful husband to Nora, Manitou Brewing Co’er, and all the other things I forgot to mention.

You may recognize me by my out-of-control facial hair, incessant beer talk and from the Swiftwick ad in Runner’s World ()…but that is not me, it’s my evil twin . I’m best known for preforming well in events that include running and beer. I currently hold the FKTs (I like to call them World Records ) for the High Altitude Beer Mile on Pikes Peak: 4 beers, 1 Mile all at 14,115 ft, 8:30. Also the Incline Beer Mile: 4 beers, 2,000 ft of vertical gain, .86 of a mile (well, not quite a full mile!), 23:42. I have also planked for 2 hours 10 minutes straight.  No joke.


Ok, I actually do a little bit of running, as well.


2X Team USA Long Distance Mountain Running team member (Zermatt, Switzerland 2015 team silver; Podbrdo, Slovenia 2016), Team USA Mountain Running (Wellington, NZ 2005, alternate), 7X Top Ten finisher at the Pikes Peak Ascent, 3rd at the 2016 US 30K National Championship (Colorado Springs, CO), 2nd at the 2012 Jeremy Wright Memorial North American Snowshoe Championship–Jeremy is the guy that first got me interested in Mountain Running, RIP soldier! (Vail, CO), 5th at the 2015 US 50K Road Championship (Long Island, NY), 4X Champion of the Greenland Trail 50K and 2nd fastest trail 50K run in CO, 3:18:55–damn that Alex Nichols!!–(Larkspur, CO).

My goal is to not win every race, but to live life to the fullest–and maybe I’ll be able to win the afterparty! I’ve had the great opportunity to travel, explore and race all around the world. Meet great people and take in the culture. Eat the local cuisine and share a beer (birra, bier, pivo, alut, bière, cwrw, cerveza….) with a new friend or an old one.

And you have to look good doing all that. Swiftwick has the high-quality, performance-based products made right here in the US of A. I choose the Stars and Stripes in order to #ChaseAdventure! What do you choose for your adventure!?



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