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ASPIRE TWELVE - Knee High Socks

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The ASPIRE TWELVE knee-high compression sock provides even support throughout the calf to stabilize muscles, reduce fatigue and improve performance. Minimal cushion to complement today's high performance footwear. A perfect knee-high sock for running longer distances.

  • One pair TWELVE knee-high socks
  • FIRM Compression
  • MINIMUM Cushion
  • HIGH OLEFIN CONTENT for dry performance




Contours and supports every hill and valley of your foot. No bunching and no voids.



High-performance fibers are sculpted into breathable designs constructed to move moisture.



The outcome of two Swiftwick fundamentals: Contoured Compression® Fit and Fiber First™ Moisture Wicking.


I am short and these socks are a perfect height for me. They come up to just under my knee. I don't have to roll them over to make them fit. I do wish they came in other colors. I'm not going to wear the yellow or white because I wear them under my normal dress slacks or jeans. Please do add other colors. Thanks for considering this request.

I have been running on and off for many years and always had issues with shin splints on my longer runs. The twelves have totally eliminated that issue now my shortest runs are six miles. I look forward this year to train for my first marathon. I have already been half way there. #chaseadventure

I love my Swtifwick Aspire 12s. I am an RN working long shifts. My feet and legs feel great after a long night. The socks are easy to get on, stay up without biting, do not make feel hot, and have laundered very well. My husband wears his cycling and he has them for work too.

My vein surgeon recommend these socks for my vein problems. Since wearing them, my legs are feeling a lot better. I would highly recommend these socks to anyone who has leg vein issues!! My surgeon even wears them!! Thank You!!

My husband absolutely LOVES your socks!!! Our daughter is a nurse so we bought these for her. We hope she loves them too!!!

I purchased these socks for OCR (Spartan and Tough Mudder). I got tired of my toes being ground to bits by all the little bits of grit that get in your shoes and socks. These not only provide the compression benefit but due to the high needle count, keep all the mess off my feet. Ran in Spartan this last weekend and the socks were awesome. A little expensive relative to normal running socks but my last pair of running socks I had to throw away because both developed holes. No holes in my Aspire!

I have very large calf and wasn't very sure what size to get. Sent a message over Tweeter and got a response back. I ordered my socks and waiting.When I got my socks, they package said that they were larges and the barcode showed medium, which I ordered. I love the larges. Yes they are a little big in the feet area, but very tight in the calf. Can't wait to wear them again.

Used these in my first Tough Mudder and they were perfect! Performed just as expected - quick drying, compression as needed to keep calves from cramping and from getting fatigued. Will use for any future mud runs.

I've been wearing the Bauer Vapor skate sock for as long as I can remember, but now when I pack my hockey bag for the night I reach for these over the Bauers. One of the things I like best is Swiftwick's attention to limit the annoyance of that little seam that sits on either side of your foot near your toes. I'm OCD about putting on my skates without that rubbing up against my toes and these socks make that no longer a concern. The compression also blows the Bauer socks out of the water. I always tie my skates nice and snug, and a sock that fits nice and tight around the foot makes it far more comfortable. The moisture wicking technology is also very noticeable. There's been times when I could literally ring out my socks after a long skate or game. Now when I take my gear off my socks are the driest piece of equipment. That makes it nice during long weekend tournaments when I might not get a chance to wash my socks and may need to wear them again. All around great product!

I have spent the last 8 years training and racing in Hawaii. In the heat and humidity of the Islands, less is more when it comes to clothes. A typical wardrobe consists of shorts, shoes, and sunscreen. That's why I was skeptical when I was first introduced to compression socks. When I finally did give in and try them for myself, I was pleasantly surprised. My sock of choice is now the Aspire 12. My weekly long runs (25-35mi) used to be an ordeal that resulted in 2-3 days of sore Soleus muscles and a new set of blisters. Now it results in nothing more than a voracious appetite and a desire for a post run surf session. The fabric does a great job of keeping my feet cool and dry and the compression keeps my legs fresh and helps them to recover quickly. And of course, who doesn't love short shorts when combined with knee high socks?

The Good: I wear these working out and running 5 days a week for about a year now and they perform about as well as can be expected (I rotate these, aspires in addition to a few other brands). The band around the calf is indeed doubly thick and doesn't slip when jumping, running, doing squats, lifts, etc. The compression has held up well so far and feels as tight as it has when I first got them.The Could Be Better: There's nothing bad about them but there are a couple of things that could be better. Firstly, I think the compression and fit could improve if the socks where left/right foot specific, especially in the foot and the toes. Personally, I would like it if they were a bit more breathable in the foot. They are otherwise wonderful socks and I would get more in the future.

I have tested the Swiftwick White and Black in 12" models doing solo miles for time and distance training up to 20-miles. Recently [September 13, 2012], I ran a wheel-measured mile in 6:10.9. I am age 72 and that equates to a 30-year male running the same distance in 4:22.5! Since this is between 2-3 seconds faster than the times I have recorded this year NOT wearing 12"Black Aspire Socks, I conclude that this model Black-12: Aspire Sock presents a performance advantage of at least 2" per mile! This is the difference between making the podium and finishing well out of the top-3!

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46% Olefin
43% Nylon
11% Spandex