Blister-Free Dry Performance

Blister-Free Dry Performance.

Mo Bridge hiking Wind River Range in Wyoming.

Blister-free comes from both “great fit” and “dry”


Great fit. Dry socks.

Blister-Free Dry Performance is the natural outcome of two Swiftwick fundamentals: Contoured Compression® Fit and Fiber FirstTM Moisture Wicking. Each works with the other to provide the most comfortable socks – dry and blister-free. Every pair of Swiftwick socks, regardless of the compression level or cushion selected, has these two fundamentals.

Peter Maksimow crossing the finish line during the FlettaTRAIL (21K mountain race) in Malonno, Italy.

Avoid friction and moisture.

A blister occurs when there is excessive friction against the skin. Add moisture, which can make the skin softer and more tacky, and you have a foot that is blister-prone during the repetitive motion of a run, ride or hike.

The first design objective of Swiftwick is to sculpt a sock that fits every hill and valley of your foot. No bunching of material, no gaps of uncovered skin. The socks move with your feet, creating no friction. Secondly, when sock fibers are near the skin at all times, they are able to wick moisture away from your foot. A frictionless, dry foot is a blister-free foot.

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Wicking, in every cushion level.

Choose your cushion without losing wicking.

Your cushion choice is a matter of personal preference and the challenges that your activity throws at you. With Swiftwick, regardless of cushion level, you maintain a high level of moisture wicking.

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