Contoured Compression® Fit

Contoured Compression® Fit

Scott and Amanda Foland running through Atlanta, GA, on a cool but sunny March morning.

At the heart of every pair.


A great fit.

At the heart of every pair of Swiftwick socks is our Contoured Compression® Fit, designed to support every hill and valley of your foot. A superior fit means no excess material to bunch in your shoe, no voids that can lead to blisters. It also means staying in contact with your skin to help wick away moisture using our Fiber FirstTM Moisture Wicking. High quality fibers and class-leading knit density ensure a great fit out of the package, hours into a race, and for years to come.

Peter Maksimow runing the PizTri VERTICAL in Malonno, Italy.

Choose your compression level.

Every pair of Swiftwick socks has enough compression to bring about Contoured Compression® Fit. Different compression levels are available to meet the demands of your chosen activity and personal preference.

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In contact with your skin.


Contoured Compression® Fit works with our Fiber FirstTM Moisture Wicking to create blister-free DRY PERFORMANCE socks.

learn about Fiber FirstTM  learn about Dry Performance


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