Fiber First Moisture Wicking

Fiber FirstTM Moisture Wicking.

Max King running in the Columbia Gorge.

It begins with the fiber.


Born to wick moisture.

Swiftwick socks begin with fibers that are inherently moisture wicking, including natural Merino Wool and synthetic Olefin. In some cases, we even modify the profile of fibers at the microscopic level to improve performance. These high-performance fibers are then sculpted into breathable designs, constructed to move moisture. We call it Fiber FirstTM Moisture Wicking.

Mark Ranum splashing through puddles on his daily run through the trails of Twin Lake, Michigan.

In contact with your skin.

Wicking is the ability to move moisture from a high humidity area to a lower humidity area. For socks, it’s simple: sock fibers can’t wick moisture if they’re not close to the skin. Swiftwick’s Contoured Compression® Fit assures that every hill and valley of your foot is in contact with the socks, enabling wicking fibers to do their job. 

We offer superior moisture wicking in every cushion level.

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A big assist from Contoured Compression®

It’s how Swiftwick creates Blister-Free Dry Performance.

Fiber FirstTM Moisture Wicking works with our Contoured Compression® Fit to create blister-free DRY PERFORMANCE socks.

learn about Contoured Compression®  learn about Dry Performance


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