With any manufacturing, there’s a negative environmental effect. It’s inevitable. Yet we make every effort to minimize our impact. Our commitment to sustainability is based on four principles that are integral to our business.

1 Durable Product

Producing products that last, reducing the need for consumption. It is a source of pride to meet people who still wear socks produced during our first year in business.

2 Made in USA

Always making our products in the USA, using domestically sourced materials when possible. This reduces garment miles, consuming less transportation resources before and after manufacturing.

Mo Bridge taking a break while hiking the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho.

Best sock: Delivering performance to you. Following sustainable principles.

3 Fiber Selection

Using care in selecting sustainable fiber technologies. Merino Wool and Olefin are key components in our socks. Merino is a naturally sustainable material. Olefin requires less energy to produce and generates less waste than most synthetic materials.

4 Recycling

Recycling scrap materials into secondary products to reduce our waste stream. Much of our scrap yarn is repurposed into non-woven blankets for those in need.

Making durable products in the USA forms the foundation of our commitment to sustainability. We further this by seeking out sustainable materials and manurfacturing processes.


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