10 reasons to take an overnight bicycle ride

By October 26, 2016Bike
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So, you’ve been cycling for a while and are wondering if you’re ready to take that leap into an overnight ride?

There are a ton of places to visit via bike that can make an overnight trip worth it, but Active.com broke it down even further.

Check out their reasons below:

1. They don’t take a lot of prep time.
2. They’re fun for all ages.
3. They’re a good intro to bike touring (some say it’s the “gateway drug”).
4. It’s a nice way to spend the weekend.
5. They can be accomplished on a limited budget.
6. You can use almost any kind of bike. (Comfort and low gears for hills are the only necessities.)
7. It’s a great way to stay fit.
8. They extend the pleasure of your commute.
9. They’re good practice for longer tours (and if you forget something big, you’re not out for long).
10. Friends you invite along can’t say they don’t have the time.

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