14 things that cyclists just can’t agree on

By December 13, 2016Bike
14 Things Cyclists can't Agree On

Cyclists of any level will be able to find at least one or two things on the list that they like to debate on!


Cycling Weekly definitely nailed it. What do you think?

  1. Shimano or Campagnolo?
  2. Helmet or no helmet? (let’s be smart!)
  3. Tea or coffee at the café stop?
  4. Shave your legs or not?
  5. Disc brakes or not?
  6. The use of cycle lanes?
  7. Listening to music when you ride?
  8. The right temperature to ditch long sleeves/tights?
  9. Use chamois cream or not?
  10. Is triathlon really cycling?
  11. Clipless road pedals or not?
  12. Aero or lightweight?
  13. Tubs or clinchers?
  14. Bradley Wiggins vs Tom Simpson vs Chris Froome vs Robert Millar vs Mark Cavendish?

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