5 things not to do when biking in the cold

By January 26, 2016Bike

The temperatures may be dropping, but you don’t have to put your bike away for the season. Make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes and keep riding in cold weather!


  1. Expect to be able to shift gears.
    Choose your gear wisely before leaving your house. Chances are, you won’t get a chance to change it until you warm your bike up again indoors.
  2. Dress for the actual temperature.
    Since it is cold outside and there is no engine block kicking out heat, you might assume you need a ton of clothes. But in actuality, your body produces plenty of heat and sweat when riding, so you can actually become too hot and sweaty. This can lead to hypothermia and dehydration. A good rule of thumb is to start off just slightly cold. The first few minutes may be chilly, but your body produces a vast amount of heat when riding a bike so you’ll warm up quickly. You may have to experiment a little before you get it right.
  3. Sweat.
    Even in 20 degree weather, pedaling up a hill can make you sweat, making your clothes damp and making you cold! Always layer your clothes and shed layers or open zippers when necessary to avoid sweating.
  4. Expect your bike to brake properly.
    Always be conscious of how hard you push it up hills etc, ease off a little during the cold snaps and save yourself the hassle of a broken chain or spokes.
  5. Forget about your feet!
    Pre-heat your shoes over a heater to keep your feet warm during the ride, and use shoe covers to cut the wind and trap the heat in. Choose socks that wick away wetness to keep your feet warm and avoid the cold of sweat. Swiftwicks retain less than .01% of their weight in moisture. The PURSUIT is made of Merino wool (the softest wool) and wicks away moisture like a boss.

Will you continue to bike through the winter? What are your cold weather tips?

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  • cameron says:

    wear surgical gloves under your winter gloves for an extra layer of winter warmth…. try it, you\’ll thank me!

  • Ryan says:

    I\’m going to give you the secret to warm feet in the winter. It took 3 winters to figure it out. Get full shoe covers that are for warmth not just weather.

    Now here\’s the trick. Don\’t use merino wool socks. Just use the regular aspire socks. I always used pursuit socks because that\’s what they say to do. My feet were warm to start. But as soon as they got sweaty from any sort of effort they were frozen the whole ride. The aspire socks don\’t hold the sweat like my pursuit and with the shoe covers my feet were finally warm.

  • Henoch says:

    Use those chemical heat packs in your shoes, they work great

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