79-year-old wins his first try at Cyclocross Nationals

By January 8, 2016Bike


Marshall Gordon hasn’t raced since he was in his 50s, but he just rocked it at the Cyclocross National Championships. His reason for getting back to racing? He wanted to have the privilege to race among the best racers in the world.

“It’s not me about me. It’s about the guys that I have the privilege of racing with,” Gordon humbly told Cyclocross Magazine in the above post-race interview.

Gordon took the 75-79 age group victory on a 30 pound, full-suspension mountain bike. Gordon recalls that when he competed in his 50s, all competitors races Hardtails- not actual cyclocross bikes. The only riders who had cyclocross bikes were the pros.

“Keep pedaling. Don’t consider age a limitation,” Gordon advised for athletes who want to stay active no matter their age.

When asked if he would be competing next year, Gordon answered that if he ended up in Hartford, it would be as a volunteer to “support this wonderful cyclocross community.”

We are definitely inspired by Gordon and how he is doing what moves him!

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