Adrenaline, sweat, the goal: 9-time X-game winner Jamie Bestwick

By June 11, 2015Bike

Owner of nine consecutive X Games BMX Vert gold medals, the longest streak in X Games history, Jamie Bestwick is nearly impossible to beat. When his competitors land some of the biggest tricks in the sport, Bestwick answers back with complete runs of start-to-finish perfection, delivering back-to-back tricks at a consistent height with the smoothest style.

Now 43, he still feels great on the bike and puts in the time- on and off the bike – that it takes to remain on top. Bestwick has 13 X Games gold medals and 15 medals overall. He also began his own coffee company in 2014.

A long-time Swiftwick fan, Jamie has just recently come on board as an official Swiftwick sponsored athlete. We are so excited to support Jamie’s feet in all of his future endeavors!

This past week, Jamie premiered in a commercial for another one of his sponsors- Toyota! In this spot, Jamie describes the feeling of freedom he gets from riding his bike. The rush of adrenaline, the sweat and the goal of getting on top of the podium take over his mind as he gets in the zone. All the way through, he is powered by motivation. Jamie for sure knows how to #beSwift.


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