Bi-lateral leg amputee Andre Kajlich pursues world record

By October 6, 2015Bike


“Out of the bad can come a lot of good.” Andre Kajlich is proof.

In 2003, Kajlich was hit by a train while studying in Prague. He is now a bi-lateral leg amputee. One leg is lost above the knee and the other one at the hip, so there’s no femur. 

Twelve years later, he has found his passion and aims to set the world record in 24 hours on a hand cycle.

Kajlich says he doesn’t remember being hit by the train. But what he does remember is ten months later when he decided he would stop feeling sorry for himself and start pursuing something greater.

Kajlich’s first big race is Nov. 13 in Borrego Springs, California. He’ll have to hand cycle 400 miles in 24 hours to set the world record. After this race, he aims to compete in Race Across America to be the first solo hand cyclist to complete the race. This would involve  pedaling 300 miles in twelve days across the country.

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