Bike lavishly with your own cycling butler

By September 18, 2015Bike

If you’ve ever thought, “Gee, I wish cycling was a bit more pampering,” then you need to start biking in Scotland. Two Scottish companies have come together to give cyclists the ultimate cycling experience in the form of a “cycling butler.” 

According to WebWire, your cycling butler can provide you with the following services:

  • Set up pit stops along the route, with healthy snacks, hot drinks, energy bars, and drinks.
  • Mark the route for ease of navigating.
  • Transport wet weather gear and have dry towels on hand.
  • Give advice on the best spots to take pictures.
  • Pick up any weary cyclists and transfer them to the destination hotel.
  • Inform on the latest weather forecasts.
  • Arrange services such as a massage at the end of the day.

Please note, however, that your cycling butler will probably be dressed more casually than the butlers portrayed in our picture. We’re assuming.

The concept of the cycling butler was conceived by Connoisseurs Scotland and The Carter Company. Connoisseurs Scotland is a marketing group that represents 30 of Scotland’s finest hotels, and The Carter Company is a “luxury cycling holiday specialist.”

These two companies have teamed up to give cyclists the “ultimate in Scottish luxury cycle tours.” Cyclists that take advantage of their service will lodge at some of the finest five star hotels in Scotland, have access to luxury bike rentals, and be pampered by their own cycling butler, of course.

“These stunning self-guided cycling tours take place in some of the most scenic regions in Scotland,” said the Carter Company in their press release announcing the new butler service.

The tours range from a 50 mile per day road cycling trip with some strenuous climbs, to a more genteel 4 night trip in the Highlands on undulating roads.

Read the original release here.